Thursday, December 19, 2019

Suffolk, Amelia, Accomack, Pass Resolutions that Avoid Declaring 2A Sanctuary Status

Last night, Accomack, Amelia, and the City of Suffolk held board and council meetings.  All three stopped short of declaring their localities 2A Sanctuaries.

Suffolk did not have a resolution item on their agenda but the Suffolk News Herald reports that the council chambers were packed with gun owners. Council added it, read it and passed it before supporters of a Second Amendment Sanctuary City resolution had a chance to speak.  The resolution simply states support for the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions.

Unlike Suffolk, Amelia had scheduled a special meeting for the purpose of passing a sanctuary resolution.  In the end however, as's Cam Edwards tweeted from the meeting last night, without hearing public comment from a packed high school auditoriaum, passed a watered down resolution that simply asked the General Assembly not to pass unconstitutional laws.

Gun owners faired a little better, but not much, in Accomack County where the Board passed a resolution that stopped short of declaring Accomack County a Second Amendment Sanctuary county but took a stand supporting the second amendment.
Accomack County passes second amendment resolution, stops short of declaring sanctuary status
Photo by Shore Daily News
The operative language in the Accomack resolution is:
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board, recognizing that certain legislative initiatives are expected to be introduced in the 2020 General Assembly, requests that as part of our legislative agenda, our State Delegate and State Senator diligently review and oppose any such legislation that may unconstitutionally restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of our county’s citizens, and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board directs its staff to forward a copy of this resolution to the County’s elected representatives in the Virginia General Assembly.
The Shore Daily News reported that a former sheriff and current board member spoke against passing a sanctuary resolution and letters were presented by Sheriff Todd Godwin and Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan while stating support for the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms but also stated that neither had the authority to ignore laws that were legally passed and certified as constitutional by the courts.

Reports from Suffolk indicate gun owners were not happy with the resolution that was passed.  In Amelia, Cam Edwards reported that he wasn't sure if those in attendance understood what was passed due to the poor quality of the sound system in the auditorium.

Update: Cam posted more details about Amelia including his conversation with the Board Chair at

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