Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Six More Localities Join 2A Localities Bringing the Total to 101

Beginning yesterday afternoon, five more localities joined the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement.  The first was Mathews County, which had a huge turnout, many of which took off from work to attend the meeting and show their support for the resolution.  It was approved on a vote of 4-1. Then came Frankly County where another large crowd showed up in late afternoon.  That resolution also passed unanimously (7-0).
Photo Courtesy WSLS News10
Then the evening meetings began.  Prince Edward County met at Prince Edward High School and another large crowd filed the auditorium.'s Cam Edwards was live tweeting from Prince Edward and shared that one speaker identified himself as a member of the Virginia National Guard, said he was speaking in his capacity as a private citizen and asked for approval of the #2A Sanctuary resolution to a round of cheers from the crowd.

York County also approved a resolution last night making it a Constitutional County. There are several other localities that have previously approved resolutions that took the route that York County did last night.  The resolution passed on a vote of 4-1, and according to 13 News, the one supervisor that voted against the resolution said she was torn:
Noll said she was torn because she supports the second amendment and gun rights, but disagreed with the process. She said the resolution came too soon and too fast for a thorough vetting of the legal ramifications the county might face.
Shortly after 11 PM, Stafford County passed a Sanctuary resolution.  Gun owners turned out by the thousands.  WJLA ABC News 7 reported that over 2000 people showed up, and there were even food trucks and a "Party in the Parking Lot".  The Board Room only held about 200.

Photo by WJLA ABC News7 Heather Graf

Photo by WJLA ABC News 7
The Board voted 7-0 to officially designate Stafford as a Second Amendment Sanctuary.  WJLA's Victoria Sanchez reported via Twitter that the Stafford County Democratic Party issued the below statement:
Finally, the Town of Vinton, which is in Roanoke County, passed a resolution by a vote of 4-1.

Accomack and Amelia County will consider resolutions tonight.

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