Thursday, August 26, 2021

Will Unvacinated Americans be Barred From Buying Firearms?

 If a new bill introduced in Congress, HR4980, becomes law, that could be the case.  Second Amendment Attorney Evan Nappen covered the topic in his latest "Gun Lawyer" podcast, shared by and available on what ever platform you listen to podcasts.   In the podcast, Nappen points out that the bill:

1) Would put all unvaccinated persons on the No Fly List.
2) The No Fly, No Buy, Gun Control law has been bouncing around since 2018 and has Bipartisan support.

You may ask, how does the government know who has and hasn't taken the vaccine?  Nappen says:
There is a database of every individual who has received a COVID vaccination. You may not be aware of that; you may not even know about it. They do not make a big deal about it. But that database is there because this is an experimental vaccine, and they need to track you and it for medical and health purposes. So, there is a legitimate reason to do it. But regardless of that, this database exists.
So if you are not on that database, and they add this list to the lists that are part of the required background check system, and you aren't on it, you would not get to purchase a firearm if HR4980 would become law.  This is just one more reason to fight the "No Fly No Buy" concept.  

Nappen is no conspiracist.  He is a well respected attorney who practices in New Jersey and is licensed in several other states, and he has helped many gun owners who has found themselves on the wrong side of New Jersey's draconian gun control laws.

You can here the entire discussion by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 Firearms Industry Responds to Biden's Latest Attack

Over the weekend, Joe Biden gave a big middle finger to America's gun owners.  In the midst of a continuing ammo shortage, Biden banned ammo and firearm imports from Russia.  Go back to last year when Putin critic Alexei Anatolievich Navalny nearly died after he was poisoned by Novichok, a powerful Russian nerve agent.  This chemical is only available from the Russian military. Now, Biden has used this to target gun owners by issuing an executive order banning the import of Russian arms and ammunition.  Yesterday, this latest salvo against gun owners was the topic of's Cam and Company.  Host Cam Edwards spoke with the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Larry Keane where they covered everything from the new sanctions on Russian arms and ammo to the next steps in the AFT’s attempt to redefine common gun parts and even the word “firearm” itself, at least as it’s defined by the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Keene details that the immediate impact is that distributors who already have approved import contracts will still be able to import items.  It only affects any new contracts.  Keene said from his contacts, most said gun owners may not see a real impact on availability for about two years.  You can see the full interview below.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Joe Biden's Middle Finger to American Gun Owners

Lee Williams writes about Biden's move to ban Russian made firearms and ammo from America.   You can read it here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Roanoke Firearm Ban on City Property Causes Postponement of Roanoke Valley Gun Show

The Roanoke Gun Show scheduled for August 21 - 22, 2021 at the Berglund Center has been postponed. The next Roanoke Valley Gun Show is scheduled for October 23 - 24, 2021, venue TBD. In March, Roanoke banned firearms from city-owned parks, libraries and offices as well as from municipal recreation centers and events in public spaces.   At the time, the City Attorney said that gun shows would eventually be prohibited at the city-owned Berglund Center
Showmasters, the show promoter, is looking for a building around the Roanoke area 45,000 - 100,000 sq. ft. with 20 acres or 1,600 parking spaces. If you know of one please contact Showmasters at  They will pay a finder's fee of $1,000 if they end up using the facility suggested.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Richmond Mayor Blames Gun Owners for Spike in Homicide in the City's Cam Edwards has the story here.  As Cam reported, Mayor Levar Stoney said:

… “I’m incredibly concerned,” Stoney said. Adding, “No, it’s not the 1990s, that’s not the case, but still, when a person loses their son or daughter to gun violence, that’s a problem for all of us.“

He said that he believes Chief Gerald Smith is doing everything he can with the resources he currently has. Stoney emphasized that the department can’t just solve crimes but also has to prevent them.

“So, whether there are weapons and firearms and fire power we see in these communities we’ve got to get these guns off the street,” Stoney said.

You notice that he does not delineate between criminals using firearms and firearms in general.  Stoney is known for being vehemently anti-rights.  You can watch Cam's full discussion below.

Friday, July 16, 2021

King George 4H Shotgun Club 2021 Season Supported By VSSA

The King George 4H Shooting Club had a very active 2021 season and VSSA was able to provide support for the team this year.  That support would not be possible without our members who renew their memberships each year.  This year's support allowed  the fifteen (15) member Club to conduct weekly practices at their home club at Northern Virginia Gun Club as well as attend offsite shooting events.  Below are a few of this year's activities and photos from the season.

Team members Owen, Ethan, Ken©, Kendall, Nathan, John, Jordan, Jim, James, Jessica, Kenny© Scott, Jon© and Adam attended. Grace, Kiersten and Alex were unable to attend.
Team members Owen, Ethan, Ken©, Kendall, Nathan, John, Jordan, Jim, James, Jessica, Kenny© Scott, Jon© and Adam attended. Grace, Kiersten and Alex were unable to attend.

2021 Virginia Youth Trap League (VYTL)

The VYTL was a 7-week 50 round per week league shooting 16yd Trap singles conducted at and sponsored by ATA Registered Clubs across Virginia. Approximately ninety VA youth participated in the 2021 VYTL. Twelve KG4HSC members shot in the VYTL at Northern Virginia Gun Club (NVGC) during April and May. The VYTL awards were presented June 6 2021 as a part of the award/results of the 2021 VA AIM Championship. Kendall Rhodes won the 2021 Overall Virginia VYTL Championship with a top score of 246/250. John Parker won the 2021 Virginia VYTL Junior Gold Class Championship with a top score of 238/250.

Kendall and John were awarded Trophies, shells and gift certificates for performance/scores in the VYTL. Kendall won a metal, 17 boxes of shells and a Cabela Gift Certificate John won a medal, 4 boxes of shells and a Cabela Gift Certificate  

2021 Virginia ATA/AIM Championship

 The Virginia Trapshooting Association (VTA) conducted the Virginia AIM Championship June 6 2021 as part of the 33 Annual Virginia Hall of Fame Trapshooting Tournament at the Winchester Gun Club (WGC).

John Parker was the 2021 AIM Junior Gold Class Champion with a score of 196/200.

Kendall was the 2021 AIM Junior Gold Lady Champion with a score of 188/200.

The KG4HSC Junior Gold Team was runner-up in the Junior Gold Team Championship with a score of 869/1000.  The championship winning team had a score of 898/1000.0

Jr Gold Team Members were Owen, Ethan, Nathan, Kendall, and John.

Junior Team Members participating in the ATA/AIM Champions were Jessica, Jordan, Scott and James

AIM “Shoot-Off” Awards
Kendall won the “Shoot-Off” for a Leather engraved shooting bag. Eight Youth shooters competed in the event. Kendall won her 5-person team event with a 25/25. She then went head-to-head with the winner of the second team. She won that match and the Leather engraved shooting bag with a 24/25.

A five-member team was selected in a “shoot-off” for shotgun shells. Jessica won a case (10 boxes) of shells. Her score was 15/25.

Congratulations to all of these young shooters.  VSSA was happy to contribute to your success.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Bongino Takes A Look At 2015 Column Comparing Attack on Smoking and Guns

In yesterday's Dan Bongino Podcast, Bongino took a look back at a 2015 Op/Ed written by Jonah Goldberg that compared the anti-rights crowd's attack on guns, to the attack on tobacco in the 90s.  In the article, Goldberg looked at why the gun ban crowd has been an utter failure compared to the success that the anti-smoking campaign achieved when it went after tobacco.

For a long time, smoking cigarettes was seen as even more American than owning a gun. Hollywood’s golden age is like a celluloid smoking lounge. The opening scene of “Casablanca” is a close-up of an ashtray with a lit cigarette. The camera pans out and Humphrey Bogart takes a nice long drag.

Cigarettes, much like guns, were deeply tied to notions of masculinity — remember the Marlboro Man? But they were also symbols of urbane sophistication, for men and women alike (Marlene Dietrich in “Morocco,” Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”). James Bond was a chain smoker. In the books, he smoked 60 a day. Sean Connery cut back, just a bit, for the movies.

Now cigarettes are so widely reviled that the MPAA includes smoking along with violence and sex in its warning language.
Goldberg went on to conclude that to the gun ban crowd, guns are like cigarettes — products that when used as intended only hurt or kill people. The real reason the war on guns has been such an abysmal failure is that they aren’t alike after all, because there are many uses for a firearm, whether it is hunting, sport shooting, or self defense.  You can watch Bongino talk about the article below.