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Friday, March 29, 2024

Governor Youngkin Vetoes 30 Gun Ban Bills

On Tuesday, Governor Glenn Youngkin blocked a batch of 30 bills that had passed the gun ban controlled General Assembly this year.  He also amended another six bills.  If the General Assembly does not approve of the amendments, the Governor could end up vetoing those bills after the re-convened session in April.

The bills the Governor amended include:
HB 861/SB 515 Weapons; carrying into hospital that provides mental health services.
Under current law, firearms are banned from public hospitals and private hospitals have the ability to ban firearms. The Governor’s recommendation focuses on criminals who transfer firearms to a person receiving mental health treatment at a hospital.

SB 363. Firearm; removing, altering, selling, etc., or possessing w/removed, etc., serial number, penalty.
The amendment aligns the bill with federal law and federal definitions for serial numbers.

HB 173/SB 100 Plastic firearms and unfinished frames, etc.; manufacture, import, etc. prohibited, penalties.
The amendment establishes a knowledge standard for manufacturing, importing, selling, transferring or possessing any plastic firearm and introduces mandatory minimum sentences for the subsequent use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

SB 225 School bd. policy; parental notification of responsibility of safe storage of firearms in household.
The amendment directs the Department of Education to convene a workgroup to create a comprehensive list of the parental rights and responsibilities and develop an efficient method for distributing such list to parents. The Governor previously offered the same recommendation for HB 498.

The full list of bills vetoed are below:
HB 2/SB 2 - creates new penalties for transferring and possessing the most common firearms (so-called manufactured and sold in the nation based on certain components.

HB 454/SB 383 - criminalizes an individual’s possession of a firearm in a building owned or operated by a public institution of higher education

HB 585 - criminalizes home-based firearm dealers who maintain their place of business at their residence within one and a half miles of an elementary or middle school.

HB 637 - directs the Department of Criminal Justice programs to create a Substantial Risk Order Training Program.

HB 797 - amends the requirements for concealed handgun permits by requiring the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to become the exclusive certifying agency for courses essential to prove competence for obtaining a concealed handgun permit.

HB 799 - requires fingerprints to be submitted with an application for a concealed handgun permit or a renewal of such a permit.

SB 258 - would increase risk factors and considerations for "red flag" orders.

HB 1195/SB 273 - requires a waiting period to purchase a firearm.

HB 183/SB 368 - requires specific storage of firearms where a minor or person prohibiting a firearm is present and would limit individuals' access to firearms in their homes..

HB 1462/SB 447 - penalizes law-abiding Virginians for leaving a firearm in their vehicle, regardless of any other circumstances, punishing victims of crimes committed by another individual.

HB 318/SB 491 - ttargets the firearms industry with lawsuits that would put them out of business

HB 939 - prohibits possession of a firearm within 100 feet of locations used for certain voting-related and elections-related activities.

SB 338 - directs the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) to study the social, physical, emotional, and economic health effects of gun violence.

HB 175/SB 99 - prohibiting the carrying of so-called "assault firearms" in public areas.

HB 1174/SB 327 - prohibits any individual under the age of twenty-one from purchasing a handgun or assault firearm, two broad categories of commonly used firearms.

HB 798 - prohibits the purchase, possession, or transportation of a firearm following a misdemeanor conviction of assault and battery or stalking.

HB 466 - would end reciprocity with other states regarding concealed handgun permits.

HB 362/SB 642 prohibits the purchase, possession, or transportation of a firearm following a misdemeanor conviction of assault and battery. 

HB 351 - requires firearm locking devices or certifications to sell, purchase, or transfer firearms to individuals in households where minors reside.

HB 1386 - restricts localities’ ability to adopt workplace rules for firearms.

HB 916 - establishes a "Red Flag" order Reporting System.

You can read the Governor's full veto messages by clicking here.  He offered very succinct reasons for each veto and you can use the information in those messages as you contact your Delegate of State Senator and urge the to support the Governor's vetoes.  

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