Thursday, October 10, 2019

National Gun Ban Group Drops $300,000 on Misleading Ad to Influence Virginia Election

Dave Workman lays out the details at  Workman points out that the ad uses a common tactic of the gun ban lobby - combining suicides with homicides to get to the "Guns kill more than 1,000 Virginians every year" number. The breakdown Workman provided is below:
According to the FBI data, last year saw 391 murders, of which 297 involved firearms. Handguns are linked to 141 of those slayings, rifles accounted for eight and shotguns were used in five more. There were 143 murders in which the firearm was not identified. That’s down from the 453 murders reported by the FBI in 2017. Of those, 338 involved firearms, with 156 committed with handguns, and 11 each with rifles or shotguns. There were 160 slayings in which the firearm was “unknown.”
The gun ban lobby has coined a new term  - "gun reform" - when pushing their agenda.  The only thing their proposals equal is an infringement of the rights of Virginia's law abiding gun owners.  If we don't show up at the polls in November, they will pass every proposal they have been pushing for the last 20 years, and Governor Northam will sign them.

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