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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Firearm Bills on Public Safety Firearms Subcomittee Docket Thursday

The following bills will be on the docket of the Public Safety Firearms Subcommittee at 4:00 PM Thursday:

HB22   Auto sears; prohibition on manufacture, importation, sale, etc., penalty.

HB46  Firearm; transfers to another person from a prohibited person.

HB113 Handguns; possession, purchase, or transportation by persons convicted of certain drug offenses.

HB390 Concealed handgun; carrying handgun when issued a protective order, civil penalty.

HB395 Concealed handgun permit; applying for enhanced permit.

HB454 Firearm/explosive material; carrying w/in Capitol Square or bldg. owned or leased by Commonwealth.

HB2    Assault firearms & certain ammunition, etc.; purchase, possession, sale, transfer, etc., prohibited.

HB173 Plastic firearms and unfinished frames, etc.; manufacture, import, etc. prohibited, penalties.

HB362 Firearms; purchase, etc., following an assault and battery against person in dating relationship.

HB466 Concealed handgun permits; reciprocity with other states.

Please contact members of the sub-subcommittee and politely urge them to oppose HB22, HB46, HB113, HB454, HB2, HB173, HB362 and HB 466.

Please urge sub-committee members to support HB390, HB395.

To contact the Subcommittee Members, click on each name for their contact information. Clark (Chair), Lopez, Helmer, McClure, Cousins, Feggans, Cordoza, Taylor, Ennis, Owen, Simon

The Meeting will be held in House North Subcommittee Room - 200.  You can sign up to speak, or submit comments in the event that you cannot attend the meeting by clicking here. You can find more about each bill by clicking each bill number above. 

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