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Thursday, September 21, 2023

How Concerned Should Gun Owners Be About Biden's Office of Gun Violence Prevention?

 On yesterday's Bearing Arms Cam and Company, Cam Edwards asked that question:

Well, for starters the gun control lobby won’t just have a seat at the table in the Biden administration. Going forward they’ll have their own office in the White House.. at least as long as a Democrat occupies the executive mansion. Ranjit describes the move as “a dark development, an ember that should be taken with the seriousness of a five-alarm fire, because that’s what it’s going to lead to,” and I don’t disagree, though it also has the potential to turn into a dumpster fire for the anti-gun groups and the Democratic establishment intent on weaponizing the federal government against a fundamental civil right.

I don’t expect the move will have much of an impact on the actual policies coming out of the executive branch, given that the gun control lobby already has Biden’s ear and full-throated support. Biden’s announcement is part payback for the support of gun control groups like Everytown, Giffords, and Brady, which will play a large role in staffing the new office after giving him their ringing endorsement for re-election a couple of months ago. But it’s also a transfer of wealth of sorts, funneling taxpayer money to “gun violence prevention efforts” around the country, many of which are aimed more at eradicating gun ownership than crimes in which a gun is used.
Cam went on to say there are a small number of cities and states that have already established similar offices and that none of them have done anything to actually reduce violent crime. He used the example of  Colorado's Office of Gun Violence Prevention and how it was the subject of a not so positive audit earlier this year which noted that after almost two years, little money had been distributed to the organizations that were supposed to benefit from the creation of the office.

You can hear the entire discusion below.

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