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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Rob Pincus Talks Privately Made Firearms with NPR

On April 18, after Biden announced his new rule related to the private manufacture of firearms, NPR talked to several gun ban advocates, including failed ATF nominee David Chipman, and also spoke interviewed firearms trainer Rob Pincus.  You can hear Pincus's comments by clicking here.  NPR led off with Chipman and San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, and at around the 18 minute mark, they play the pre-recorded comments of Rob Pincus.  Because his part was pre-recorded, Rob had no opportunity to discuss anything that had been said before and no opportunity to defend himself when Chipman took cheap shots when he was asked what he thought of Pincus' comments.  Chipman demonstrated once again why he never should have been nominated to head ATF.  Rob did a great job explaining why regulating kits used to build privately owned firearms should not be regulated by the federal government.  If you are interested, in the entire program, you can find that by clicking here.

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