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Friday, March 4, 2022

VSSA Board Endorses Member Willes Lee for NRA Board

 The Virginia Shooting Sports Association Board of Directors has voted to endorse Willes Lee for re-election to the NRA Board.  We are proud to support a fellow VSSA member and strong advocate for the right to keep and bear arms. 

Willes is currently the NRA First Vice President and is a self-described "Army brat" who also had an Army career.  He grew up in Arlington, attending Peyton Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, and graduated from Wakefield High School. His daughters went to Lake Braddock while Willes served at the Pentagon. He did the world travel thing via Army base, and is now home again with extended families in Northern Virginia. If you follow Willes' various social media accounts, you know that he is a tireless advocate for our Liberty and our firearms freedom.

Celebrities and big name folks will likely get elected so to elect Willes, "bullet voting" is the best method. Vote for one (hopefully, Willes), perhaps three if one knows & trusts three, and absolutely no more than five.  Also, there are approximately two million members eligible to vote but only a fraction of that number cast ballots last year.  So, your vote is important!

Ballots began showing up mail boxes via NRA magazines last week.  Article III, Section 6 of the NRA bylaws states in part that: “Fully paid lifetime members and annual members with five or more consecutive years of membership, as shown in the Association’s membership records, who have obtained the age of 18 years on or before the fiftieth (50th) day prior to the date of the annual meeting of members and who are citizens of the United States of America shall be entitled to vote. Each such member shall be entitled to cast a vote for not more than one person for each vacancy on the Board of Directors to be filled by the membership at any election of Directors ….”

If you’re not certain of your membership status, or if you lose or misplace your ballot, then please contact NRA Membership.

Please share this endorsement and forward as widely as possible to hopefully hit potential NRA voters, even in surrounding states.  Good luck Willes in your re-election campaign.

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