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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

State Senator and VSSA Member Bryce Reeves Announces Run for Congress

On December 8th, State Senator and VSSA member Bryce Reeves announced that he was running for the Republican nomination for the newly proposed 10th Congressional District.  From Senator Reeves' website:

“Upon seeing the new proposed maps put out by the Supreme Court, I’m planning to run in the new proposed 10th Congressional District. I’ve proudly represented much of this district as State Senator in Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper and Albemarle counties. I’m eager to continue my service to the community. I’m also excited to reacquaint myself with the folks in the northern part of the district, many of whom I’ve had a great relationship with for many years.  The incumbent Democrat, and Joe Biden’s policies, don’t represent the values of this district and it is time our citizens have had a voice in Washington that serves them.” 

Senator Reeves is a longtime friend to Virginia's gun owners. While VSSA has not officially endorsed any candidate at this time, we encourage Virginia gun owners to learn more about candidates that will be running in this new district and to contact Senator Reeves to learn more about his campaign.

Update: The redistricting maps changed from the time Senator Reeves announced his candidacy to what was approved by the State Supreme Court.  Senator Reeves is now in the 7th District and he will continue to run for the Republican Nomination in the new 7th District.

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