Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Three Gun Bills Advance to Final Vote, Governor Temporarily Bans Guns on Capitol Grounds and Reduces Points of Access to One for Lobby Day

Today, the Virginia Senate advanced SB 35 (Chipping away at state preemption), SB 69 (Handgun Rationing), and SB70 ("Universal" Background Checks) to a final vote. Expect these to be on the floor calendar for tomorrow. SB240 (Red flag bill) was passed by for the day as there were multiple substitutes to consider. Continue to contact your senators and urge them to oppose all of these bills, even if your senator is anti-rights. They need to hear from gun owners to know we opposed these bills.

For those planning to come to the annual Lobby Day at the Capitol on Monday, Governor Northam announced a temporary state of emergency beginning Friday extending to Tuesday morning, that includes a ban on firearms and other items that could be used as weapons on Capitol Grounds. He has also reduced the number of entrance points to one for Monday. All attendees will be required to enter through the entrance at 9th and Grace Street.

Photo by Mel Leonor, @MelLeonor RTD Reporter
There will also be multiple road closures:
1) West bound traffic on East Main St. from North 14th St. to North 9th Street. Alternate routes will be Canal Street or the Downtown Expressway.
2)North bound traffic on N. 9th Street from East Cary to E. Broad Street will be closed. Alternate route will be N. 7th Street.
3)East Grace Street between N. 8th St. and N. 9th St. will be closed to all traffic.
4)East Franklin St. between N. 8th St. and N. 9th Street will be closed to all traffic.

Please be aware of these changes and plan accordingly.

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eholstromj said...

Has Governor Northam forgotten that this is a free society? Establishing choke points to stifle citizens from lobbying for their interests and their communities? Really Ralph??? Has Ralph come out of hiding??

We are very alarmed that Ralph and company have decided they can cancel the second amendment in Virginia. Which of the other amendments is next? Is establishing choke points an extreme action to deny citizens free speech in their own capital? Does it impair our right to freely assemble? Ralph and company will not stop here! Just as he has dodged taking responsibility for his own racist actions, he will rationalize that citizens who disagree with him and his party need to be choked off so they and their views will be quashed.
Ralph has already spoken and told us of his views on abortion and post birth homicide. He has refused to take responsibility for his own actions. Yes Ralph, people can change and leave behind poor decisions of their youth. But to do that one must admit to their mistakes, not hide from them. Don't treat those with whom you disagree with the same contempt you have for those infants whose mother doesn't want them. Those who support all of the Bill of Rights are not deplorables!
You would benefit from some leadership training! One definition of an extremist is one who paints all pro second amendment citizens with the same brush. This is what your temporary mandates for Jan. 20 have done. Since legal gunowners have views different from you, you have painted them as dangerous and probably violent citizens. Thus, the ban on their second amendment rights, the actions to limit their first amendment rights, and your actions to limit their right to freely assemble and lobby state lawmakers on their views. Shame, shame on you!!!