Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Gun Bills Likely to Move in 1st Full Week of General Assembly

VSSA's lobbyist is getting indications that Northam's gun control bills will move the first full week of the legislature.  That's the week of January 13th.  This likely explains NRA-ILA's focus on the first meeting of Senate Courts of Justice on January 13 and why gun owners need to be contacting their
Graphic by NRA-ILA
delegate and senator now.  You can send an email but a phone call to their Capitol Office phone would be even better.  If you are going to be in Richmond, schedule an appointment to meet with them but arrive early for your meeting because access to the Pocahontas Building is not easy and if there are large numbers of people attempting to enter it can take a while as there is only one access point.

Additionally, special focus should be given to Senator John Edwards, who is the incoming chairman of Senate Courts of Justice and until recently was an ally of gun owners.  Senator Edwards needs to hear especially from gun owners in his district (Roanoke, Montgomery, and Giles).  Roanoke Rifle and Revolver club is in his district so members of the club need to contact Senator Edwards by email and by phone and urge him to oppose any bills that restricts the rights of law abiding gun owners and especially SB16, which would ban many of the guns that used at RRRC for competition and target shooting.  Members of RRRC that have youth that shoot in competitive programs need to have those young shooters contact Senator Edwards and let him know that they would be negatively affected by SB16 and that they don't want their competition firearms banned.

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