Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Bearingarms.com: Separating Fact From Fiction with Governor Northam's Gun Control Plans

As is to be expected, with the giddiness of the Democrats to restrict our rights after winning a majority in the state legislature, there has been some disinformation about several of the pre-filed bills and their potential impact on Virginia gun owners.  Yesterday, Cam Edwards did a great job of dispelling some of the myths that have popped up on social media.  Cam covered bills like SB64 and SB 67.  He corrected the myth that Northam said he would call out the National Guard to enforce any gun bills passed - that was actually a suggestion from former slip-and-fall lawyer turned congressman, Don McEachin.  Cam ends with this:
The truth is, the bills that have already been introduced are bad enough that we don’t need to invent any new ones. Here’s a partial list of the legislation Virginia’s anti-gun lawmakers, including Governor Northam, are considering:
  • banning the most commonly produced and owned rifles in the United States
  • banning magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition
  • requiring background checks on most transfers of firearms
  • fining gun owners who fail to report lost or stolen firearms
  • prohibits individuals convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery of a family member from owning a gun.
  • banning bump stocks and binary triggers
  • turning state-owned and leased buildings into gun free zones
  • rationing handgun purchases to one per month
  • stripping parents of their ability to decide when their child is responsible enough to access a firearm.
  • weakening firearms preemption law by allowing localities to ban firearms from permitted events.
Those are just the worst of the bills that have already been pre-filed before the legislative session begins in early January. Bills can be filed until January 17th, and we know that there will be more heading our way, including an Extreme Risk Protection Order or “red flag” firearms seizure bill. Second Amendment supporters need to be armed with the facts in the weeks ahead, because if we focus on the fictions, we’re only going to be hurting our ability to effectively push back on the infringements headed our way.
It doesn't help our cause if we just read parts of the bill and don't read the full bill in context.  Like Cam said, it's bad enough what Northam has said he want's to do, so we really don't need to misrepresent bills to make him look bad.


musketjon said...

I hope this is posted in the right place. If not, my apologies, Sirs, and please move it to the right thread.
Now my question: there has been nothing, and I mean NOTHING about the current 2A affairs in Va out here in Commiefornia on any of the news media. Is what I'm reading about gun confiscation, the Nat'l Guard, road blocks, etc., etc.for real, or is it a bunch of BS? Is the governor really trying to get the shooting part of Civil War 2 started? I really need to know so I can communicate to my fellow 2A supporters out here on the left coast the truth, not hear-say.
Thank you, Sirs.
T J Turner
NRA Life-Endowment

Unknown said...

Please forgive my ignorance I'm no lawyer. But as I understood back in 2008 the Supreme court ruled on Heller vs: D.C. and so specified that individuals had the right to own any civilian weapon available except fully automatic firearms. Without recourse . Can't the supreme court under federal law step in on this matter and make a ruling that preempts Gov Northam's proposals and stupid bills? The man is seriously obsessed and IMHO mentally disturbed. I"ve seen him get upset on TV and he gets unstable when he doesn't get his way. I'm really confused on a lot of this. I'm about ready to sell my AR's and just collect the money before they do ban these guns and confiscate them w/o some kind of restitution. They have done it before in California for guns with thumb hole stocks. I have a very special .22 semi-suto that was factory made with a thumb hole stock in the 1960's. It has been passed down as an heirloom. I'm not about to surrender it to anyone.what can I do?

Unknown said...

If so called AR type firearms are said to be "weapons of war", at what point will the police be following the proposed laws? I see a grace period for them perhaps and special swat units to maintain afew. The regular patrol units should have to abide by state law so they don't appear to be ready to go to "war" with the public. I'm old enough to remember the first m16 give to police because they were being over powered and out gunned. That day will soon be over so will they be above the law?

Unknown said...

I'm proud to say that in my mid 60's I've gone through life without even a traffic ticket. Now due to some of these proposed gun laws I could be a convicted felon and not be able to own a firearm. Maybe even lose voting rights. Is that part of the plan? I feel I'm "State of Craziness ".

Unknown said...

I"m in my 60's as well and in the same boat as you. But i was raised to believe that "The only rights you have are the ones you are willing to stand up an fight for."
We have seen just how evil the Socio-Communist the Democrats really are. In Virginia we have allowed them to increase businesses in the North with this comes the liberal Democrats and they over run the rest of the state because that is where they vote.
the solution to this problem is hard to do but easy to resolve.
The God Fearing GOP and others of the same mindset need to sit down and really make a serious plan to separate Western VA in to another STATE! We have West Virginia and we have Virginia. How about we have Central Va and Eastern Virginia? If these idiots in Richmond want to see all their funding go down because we separated and divided the state due to political beliefs then so be it. There is no reason we cannot have Charlottesville or even Lexington become the New Central VA state capital.
If we allow this path to continue and we loose what choice will be have unless we band together and demand we are not under Richmond's control any more. We're done.
That's my two cents.....thanks !