Thursday, November 21, 2019

2020 Pre-Filed Gun Bills

The gun ban crowd did not waste any time.  This is the list of prefiled bills related to firearms at the General Assembly.  The State Senate has a bill that would ban citizens from carrying concealed at the State Capitol. Senate bill 16 not only bans the sale or transport, but also possession of modern sporting rifles.  You have to read the text of the bill to find the possession part as the title only lists sale and transport then captures everything else under the "etc."

HB 2 Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks, penalty.
HB 9 Firearms; reporting those lost or stolen, civil penalty.
SB 12 Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks, penalty.
SB 13 Possessing or transporting a weapon within Capitol Square; penalty.
SB 14 Trigger activators; prohibition; penalty.
SB 15 Carrying weapon into building owned or leased by the Commonwealth; penalty.
SB 16 Prohibiting sale, transport, etc., of assault firearms and certain firearm magazines; penalties.
SB 18 Firearms; criminal history record information checks; age requirement; penalty.
SB 22 Handguns; limitation on purchases, penalty.
SB 35 Firearms, etc.; permitted events.
SB 51 Carrying a concealed handgun; consumption of alcohol in a public park; penalty.

As was mentioned in a previous post, don't wait until the session starts to let your legislator know that you oppose these (and any future) bills that restrict your rights.  Women and youth shooters need to be vocal so if you know women or youth shooters who use modern sporting rifles for sport, self-defense, or competition, please get them engaged in this fight and have them plan to be at the Capitol when these bills are heard.   

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