Monday, June 30, 2014

John Frazer Law on Fairfax County CHP Denials

Attorney John Frazer, formerly Director of Research at the National Rifle Association, shared this information on Fairfax County related to denial of concealed handgun permit (CHP) application denials:
Fairfax County gun owners should be aware that the Circuit Court clerk’s office may treat concealed carry permit applications as incomplete, and forward them to a judge for review, based on disclosure of pending criminal charges.

While some pending charges—such as any felony, or assault, battery, unlawful discharge or brandishing of a firearm, or stalking—can be the basis for denial of a permit, most misdemeanors are not.
Fairfax is one of the handful of localities in Virginia that has a history of making it as difficult as possible for residents to get a CHP.  Henrico County in the Richmond area is another.

Frazer notes that anyone whose application is denied in situations such as the above can either wait until their pending charge is resolved, or challenge the denial in an ore tenus (“word of mouth”) hearing in circuit court.

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