Friday, April 25, 2014

New Products at NRA Annual Meetings, The GunBox

I spoke with Ryan Hyde and Tim Rush at the GunBox booth a few moments ago.  Ryan is the inventor of the GunBox.  Today is the launch of The GunBox version 2.0 and, according to the press release, "includes new features to further enhance secure storage and rapid access to a handgun."  They are also developing a model for long guns.

The new features include:
  • A bidirectional locking mechanism to resist shock
  • New RF ring access capabilities (customized rings with an RFID chip embedded)
  • Additional options for Mounting The GunBox in any orientation such as upside-down below a desk, or vertically behind a nightstand.
The GunBox CEO Ryan Hyde told me the product is designed to defend our freedoms while protecting our children.  The product is offered in three versions: 1)RF, which provides access through the RFID bracelet, sticker or ring, 2)Biometric adds and additional layer of security with biometric fingerprint technology to open the GunBox, and 3)Premier adds GPS tracking and 24/7 monitoring, tracking and alert notifications (with a yearly subscription fee).  You can find out more about why Ryan developed this product here.

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