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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NRA Endorsements Out for Virginia

NRA-PVF has posted the grades for Virginia's Senate and Congressional Candidates.  Not suprisingly, in the U.S. Senate Race, former Senator and Governor George Allen received the endorsement over Former Governor Tim Kaine.

In House Races, the ratings are (bold is NRA Endorsed Candidate, * indicates incumbant):

District 1
*Rob Wittman (R)  Grade: A 
  Adam Cook (D)  Grade: B 

District 2
*Scott Rigell (R)  Grade: A
  Paul Hirschbiel (D)  Grade: D 

District 3
  Dean Longo (R)  Grade: ? 
 *Bobby Scott (D)  Grade: D+ 

District 4
*Randy Forbes (R)  Grade: A   
  Ella Ward (D)  Grade: ? 

District 5
*Robert Hurt (R)  Grade: A   
 John Douglass (D)  Grade: D 

District 6
*Bob Goodlatte (R)  Grade: A 
  Andy Schmookler (D)  Grade: ? 

District 7
*Eric Cantor (R)  Grade: A+   
 E. Wayne Powell (D)  Grade: AQ 

District 8
Patrick Murray (R)  Grade: AQ 
*Jim Moran (D)  Grade: F 

District 9
*Morgan Griffith (R)  Grade: A+ 
  Anthony Flaccavento (D)  Grade: ? 

District 10
*Frank Wolf (R)  Grade: B+ 
  Kristin Cabral (D)  Grade: ? 

District 11
Chris Perkins (R)  Grade: AQ   
*Gerry Connolly (D)  Grade: F

Please contact the endorsed candidate in your congressional district to see how you can assist in the closing days of the election.

If you want to spead the word about why another four years of Barack Obama will be a diaster for our rights, click here to download a fact sheet to share with your gun club members, family, and friends.

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