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Friday, December 5, 2014

Washington Spectator Editor Calls For Obama to Follow Action on Illegal Immigration With Same Move on Gun Control

Today, The Hill web site has an op/ed from John Stoehr, editor of the Washington Spectator, urging President Obama to follow the model he used giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and go around congress to move gun control.  Exactly how could he do this?  Stoehr calls for a "recess appointment" of Vivek Murphy to the post of Surgeon General:
Obama needs to change the context. He can do that by appointing a surgeon general.

Vivek Murthy is a doctor at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital with degrees from Harvard and Yale. He founded Doctors for America, researched AIDS in Africa and hoped, as Obama's pick for surgeon general, to focus on obesity. Senate Republicans filibustered him last spring, with assistance from five Southern and Western Democrats, because Murthy threatens the NRA's control of the gun debate. And he threatens the NRA's control of the gun debate because he believes guns are not an issue of constitutional liberty or natural law, but an issue of public health and safety. He is right. Eight people die every day in gun-related deaths, according to one study. The annual total of deaths will surpass vehicular deaths some time next year.
The left (the Washington Spectator is a left leaning publication of The Public Concern Foundation) just won't let go of the Murthy thing.  While Stoehr, focused on the NRA's opposition to Murthy in making his case for a recess appointment, there have been real concerns about rather this is just another appointment of a campaign supporter:
At the ripe old age of 36, Murthy would not even come close to being picked to run any medical department, in any academic medical center in this country. This is not because he is a bad doctor, but simply because he has not contributed enough, published enough or healed enough to qualify him to be a medical leader.

Since 2008, Murthy has dedicated his career to achieving a political agenda, forming groups like Doctors for America, which has lobbied heavily for ObamaCare. Miraculously enough, that political campaign seems to have now paid off and earned him this nomination.

To me, health care should be 80 percent science and 20 percent politics – not the other way around. I hope that the president reconsiders this nomination and instead chooses a doctor who better personifies the greatness of America’s medical and scientific achievements. After all, the healing power achieved in America’s hospitals is mimicked by hospitals around the world, and sought out by patients everywhere.
The question is, does Obama want to use what little political capital he has left to take Stoehr's advice?

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