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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

PolitiFact Mostly Confirms NRA Claims About Veterans' Gun Rights Against Mark Warner

NRA mailings and flyers targeting Virginia incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Warner charge that Warner "has supported restrictions on veterans’ second amendment rights."

PolitiFact took a look at the claim and determined:
As proof, it cites the senator’s 2013 vote against an amendment that would have ended a VA policy of submitting the names of veterans it deems mentally unstable to the FBI for inclusion on a national list of people barred from buying guns. People who didn’t serve in the military, by contrast, can only be declared mentally unfit to buy a gun by a judge. 
So there’s a basis for the NRA’s claim: Warner voted against abolishing a restriction on buying guns that only affects veterans.
PolitiFact notes that Warner did support an amendment that would open an appeals process but that means veterans would still have their rights taken away and only get them restored after appealing while non-veterans have a judicial process BEFORE having their rights taken away.

PolitiFact's final assessment?
The NRA’s statement is accurate but needs additional information. We rate it Mostly True.
No one should have their rights taken away by a faceless bureaucrat and without due process.  Vote Freedom First: Vote Ed Gillespie.  Ed needs your help now! Click here to volunteer.

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