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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gerry Connelly Doubles Down in VA 11th

Gerry Connolly is the Democrat Congressman in Virginia's 11th Congressional District.  This race had not been on the radar until the last week because it has been a safe Democrat enclave (rated as a +10 D) since Republican Tom Davis retired from congress several years ago.  But last week my email inbox started exploding with email from people like former Governor and NRA Board member Jim Gilmore and others touting Republican Suzanne Scholte.  Then, I saw this post yesterday over on Guns and Curves.  It's an open letter from a Scholte supporter taking Connolly to task for his "War on Women" attacks:
The real irony here is that your Republican opponent is not only a woman but is an Award Winning Human Rights Activist. She even was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award this year from President Obama. Scholte has fought for human rights and women’s rights in the United States and abroad. She has been the President of the Defense Forum Foundation since 1988.
And he hasn't stopped there.  Connolly is a big gun ban supporter.  Because Scholte supports the rights of law abiding gun owners, he has gone on the attack on this issue too. The open letter also included this graphic:
Connolly is running the typical 2014 campaign talking about birth control and how his opponent wants to ban access to it.  He has done little for his district so he has nothing positive on which to run.  Will Connolly get swept up in what is looking more and more like a GOP wave?  Given the demographics of the district, it will be tough for Scholte to pull it out, but it appears Connelly thinks she might, so he is pulling out all to stops to scare voters that she is an extremist.

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