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Friday, June 13, 2014

31% of Self Decribed Liberals Don't Want Family Member to Marry a Gun Owner

The Wall Street Journal's The Numbers Guy blog shares an interesting Pew Research Poll to see how politics affects marriage.
Pew notes:
Liberals also don’t want to see their family members marry gun owners, with 31% saying they’d be unhappy; only 1% of consistently conservatives would feel unhappy about a gun owner.
As you can see, religion seems to be another area that affects family relations.  Conservatives really don't want a family member to marry an Atheist.  About 27% of Liberals don't want family members to marry a Born Again Christian, but guns really seemed to get Liberals upset more than any other area.  Seems marrying a Republican gets slightly less dislike among liberals than if their family members marry a gun owner.


Scar Stigr said...

I'm betting a higher number of gun owners don't want to see someone they know marry a liberal. Where's that statistic?

Texas TopCat said...

Well, there are multiple ways to take this stat.
1) 31% of liberals do want there families protected from criminal violence
2) 31% of liberals are criminals and think they should not worry about armed victims
3) 31% of liberals steal their guns and therefore do not own them.