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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CT Congresssman Says McAuliffe Election Proves Gun Control Winning Issue

The Washington Times has the story here:
“Last November, there was actually a battle for the governor of the commonwealth of Virginia where one of the candidates played to the pundits, the cheap cynics, that campaigning against Terry McAuliffe’s position on background checks was his ticket to the governor’s mansion and Terry McAuliffe, to his credit, stood firm,” Mr. Courtney said at an event on Capitol Hill Tuesday honoring the 26 victims of the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings.
Maybe Congressman Courtney should stick to representing his constituents and stop trying to analyze Virginia politics.  There was a lot that went in to McAuliffe's victory, the first of which was the fact Cuccinelli ran a terrible campaign.  McAuliffe also avoided talking about the gun issue like the plague until polls started showing him with a double digit lead.  It can be argued that his pivot to gun control had something to do with his only winning by about 2.5%.

I would also remind Congressman Courtney that gun control was a real loser for two recall candidates in Colorado - another "purple" state.  So, go ahead, run on gun control, and let's see just how much of a winner it turns out to be this year.

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