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Thursday, September 26, 2013

This Should Concern All Gun Owners

Pundits are predicting that the Democrats are in good shape to pick up the first two races on this year's statewide ballot, leaving the third - the Attorney General's race, as the final piece. The Richmond Times Dispatch's political commentator Jeff Schapiro asks the question, if voters pull the lever for the first two candidates for the Democrats, what's to stop them from doing it for the third.
It's not like it hasn't happened before. We only have to go back twelve years to 2001 when Virginians voted for Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, but also elected Republican Jerry Kilgore Attorney General. That year, gun owners ended up with two of the three candidates elected (Warner and Kilgore) being pro-gun (Warner went on to sign numerous pro-gun bills, and never vetoing a good gun bill). This year, all three Democrats vocally favor new gun control laws and McAuliffe is so confident of victory that he is opening touting gun control on his web site and in last night's debate.

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