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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It Begins Today

At 11:45 this morning, surrounded by children that the White House says sent letters asking for more gun control, Barack Obama is expected to unveil a list of measures that include a ban on so-called "assault weapons" and other restrictions that would not have stopped the shooting in Newtown last December.  In an article in online version of The Hill this morning, this add from Mayors Against Illegal Guns popped up on my screen.

Last night while watching Cam and Company on the Sportsman Channel, this NRA Ad aired:

You can embed this video from the NRAStand and Fight web site.

So, we begin a battle where Bloomberg will spend an unlimited amount of money to mislead the American people about commonly used firearms. It is up to us whether the NRA will be able to match Bloomberg and the Obama campaign apparatus, which will also be cranked up to persuade the American people. Are you in for the fight or will you stay on the sidelines and watch your rights be destroyed?


tom rkba said...

Please use the phrase "citizen disarmament" instead of "gun control". It is more accurate than "gun control".

VSSA Legislative Chairman said...


Point taken. We have tried to use terms like pro-rights and anti-rights as Alan Korwin has been a big proponent of using. Will put your suggestion to use.

Thanks for following VSSA's posts.