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Monday, May 9, 2011

State Forest Carry Takes Affect July 7, 2011

On May 6, Governor Robert F. McDonnell approved changes to the Virginia Department of Forestry’s Virginia State Forest Regulation 4VAC10-30-170. The changes will permit law-abiding Virginians to carry a firearm in State Forests.  These changes now allow for both the lawful carrying of concealed firearms by those who possess a concealed carry permit, as well as open carrying for anyone in lawful possession of a firearm.

Current State Forest regulations prohibit individuals from carrying any firearms onto State Forest properties unless exempted because of lawful hunting seasons. The final regulatory amendment would allow persons to carry lawful open and concealed firearms onto State Forest properties under the ownership and management of the Department of Forestry.

The regulation will become final following the conclusion of a thirty day publication period in the Virginia Register, providing that lawful actions don’t delay the process. It will be published in the Virginia Register of Regulations on June 6, and become effective on July 7, 2011.

Please contact Governor McDonnell by e-mail and thank him for improving Virginia’s regulatory environment for lawful firearm owners!

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