Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Washington Post Has Candidate It Can Love in Tim Kaine

The Washington Post, the media outlet most responsible for making sure Virginians did not forget the word macaca in 2006, did not fail to bring it up again in this article on Tim Kaine's announcement.  And it took them all the way to the next to last paragraph to insert a half-hearted attempted at pointing out one issue that may cause Kaine trouble:
Kaine, meanwhile, left the governor’s office in January 2010 just as the state’s budget problems were becoming clear and before Democrats took an electoral drubbing fueled by a conservative movement strongly opposed to Obama’s signature policies on health care and climate change.
Kaine and the national Democrats would much rather this race not be a referendum on Obama's first term.  They believe the expected increased turnout of a presidential election year could help them hold the seat.  But unlike Webb, Kaine is no friend of gun owners so if Kaine holds the seat for Democrats in 2012, it will be a big loss for gun owners in Virginia, and nationally.  Gun owners need to be mobilized and ready to work to make sure Kaine remains in Richmond.


Mike Wilburt said...

While John Warner is no "hair on fire" bleating anti-gunner like Schumer or Feinstein, he is no close friend of our Second Amendment rights. He has been all over the place on the issue.

Jim Webb was a fairly reliable vote in our favor.

Tim Kaine, however, no matter his past declarations in support of the Second Amendment, will be holding Schumer's hand every time he claims any gun other than a flintlock to be a fully-automatic, flame-throwing child-killing death machine.

Remember, as mayor of Richmond, Kaine used taxpayer funds to hire buses to take people to the "Million Mom March" against guns. (He later personally reimbursed the funds).

To his credit, he did support the successful NRA-edorsed "Project Exile". But that was an appeasement....not an alliance.

A Kaine-Warner tag team holding the senate seats representing Virginians would be a travesty.

VSSA said...

Mike, I take it you meant Mark Warner, not John Warner. You are correct. Kaine will be carrying Schumer's water in more ways than one.

Mike Wilburt said...

You're right, I meant Mark Warner.

I gotta stop smokin' crack when I write this stuff.

Thanks for correcting me.