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Monday, October 25, 2010

Gun Rights and the 2010 House Elections

About a month ago I posted about Dave Kopel's piece on what the 2010 Election may mean for gun rights in the U.S. Senate.  Last week Kopel wrote about the 2010 House Elections and what they will mean for Gun Rights.  Kopel's assessment; the House will likely be somewhat more pro-rights than it already is.

When the new Congress convenes in January, the House of Representatives will almost certainly have an even larger pro-Second Amendment majority than it does today. How much larger? If “N” is the net Republican gain, expect that the net pro-gun gain will be slightly smaller than ½N.
His list is drawn from a recent article by Jim Geraghty for National Review Online. In that article, Geraghty looked at 117 Democratic House districts where at some point in the campaign cycle, pundits considered the seat to be in play. Kopel removed from the list a few races that Geraghty said there was basically no chance that the Republican challenger would win and added a couple Republican seats that are up for grabs.

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