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Monday, March 9, 2009

Democrats Show Little Taste for Gun Control

I can find some fault with the content of this article (like the characterization of semi-automatic firearms as "rapid-fire") but the premise is good for gun owners - that Democrats in Congress are expressing little interest in gun control. Take for instance this quote from Ill. Senator Dick Durbin during debate on the D.C. gun rights amendment:

We do not debate guns around here much anymore. Basically, we reached a point where there are not many people who will stick their political necks out to vote for sensible gun control — too big a hassle.

Durbin is one of the ones that would like to pass more gun control but Democrats like Virginia's Mark Warner and Jim Webb have both gone on record this year supporting gun owner rights by voting for the pro-rights amendment to the D.C. Voting Rights Act.

1 comment:

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

I don't like that *sensible gun control* comment, but it's a little troubling to see what has been introduced at the State level in a number of places. So far I haven't found anything new introduced in NJ.