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Friday, January 25, 2008

Governor Kaine Opposes Overturning D.C. Gun Ban

This one got by me with everything going on at the General Assembly. On the January 8th edition of the WWBT 12 (Richmond NBC Affiliate) evening news, they did a report on Attorney General Bob McDonnell's joining an amicus brief supporting Heller in Heller vs. District of Columbia that is headed to the Supreme Court.

The report quoted McDonnell as saying “This is the most important Second Amendment case in all of history. Virginia has pretty much always understood it to be an individual right and so the gun laws in Virginia have reflected that philosophy."

Kaine on the other hand doesn't agree and doesn't advocate overturning D.C.'s ban. Gov. Kaine told WWBT “I don't support overturning what DC has done in this instance but the AG has by statute clear ability to file legal briefs in his capacity as attorney general and you know that could lead him to file briefs i don't completely agree with but the statute is very plain.”

U.S. Senator, Jim Webb (D-Virginia) to his credit agrees with McDonnell that the handgun ban in D.C.should be overturned. Webb told WWBT, “What they've done in my opinion is put a burden on law abiding people who have difficulty in defending themselves.”

Yet Kaine stills insists that he "supports the Second Amendment." Just more proof when a politician will not detail what he or she means when they make that blanket statement, you better hold on to your guns.

You can read the entire report and watch video of the report here.

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