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Thursday, September 20, 2007

More on NRA's "Celebration of American Values"

A couple of articles are in today's news - The Washington Post and Bloomberg News Service - both focusing heavily on Giuliani and how he will play with the attendees. As you would expect from the drive-by media, both articles make it look like it is an event to showcase the Republican candidates for president. Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) will also speak to the group by video as I mentioned yesterday and Congressman John Dingell and former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr (neither of which are running for president) will also address the crowd. Governor Richardson is the only Democratic candidate for President who has talked about supporting the Second Amendment and he has an unblemished record as Governor as well as a pro-gun voting record when he was in Congress. If Richardson had a snowball's chance of winning the Democratic nomination and he faced Giuliani I find it hard to believe that Richardson would not receive the nod on an endorsement (however I don't speak for the NRA and don't get to make those decisions - just MHO).

You can read the articles here and here.

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