Thursday, October 20, 2016

VSSA Shooters Shine in Masters Class at North State Shooting Club

VSSA High Power Rifle Chairman Mike Jamison reports that the North State Shooting Club put on a superb Pete Masten Memorial 600 Weekend rifle match at Camp Butner, North Carolina this past weekend.  Beautiful weather, excellent range operations, and a timely stat office made it a pleasure to be there!

Steve Weast and Mike Jamison took all of the prizes in the Master class.  Mike won the first stage with as score of 198.06.  Then Steve got going, and won every match after that with scores of 197.07, 192.05,  and a 1st day aggregate score of 585.18.  Steve continued his dominance on day two with 1st place scores of 188.03, 193.04, 191.09, and a second day aggregate of 572.16 for 1st.  Great shooting, Steve.

Hillary Clinton Wants Heller Reversed to Make the Second Amendment Meaningless

VSSA's sister organization, Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) emails a Thursday Bulletin to members.  It's similar to VSSA's eBullet.  VSSA's office receives the ISRA bulletin and Executive Director Lu Charette passed along the October 6, edition.  In that email update, the ISRA Executive Director shared that he had received a phone call from one of their members who indicated they would be voting for Hillary Clinton on November 8.  Here is his response:
On Monday the office received a call from a member who indicated they were going to vote for Hillary Clinton, misguided to say the least.   It has taken millions of dollars, an enormous amount of time, massive efforts by organizations like the ISRA, NRA and SAF as well as personal sacrifices by people like Dick Heller, Otis McDonald and others to bring the Second Amendment back to its real meaning.  If Hillary Clinton is elected President, Heller v DC, which is the cornerstone of the Second Amendment movement, will be reversed.  McDonald v City of Chicago will be overturned, as well as many other cases and will fall by the wayside and turned into the dust of history.   Moreover, there are other important cases waiting like Peruta v County of San Diego, which seeks to destroy concealed carry.  In this case, the County of San Diego insists there is no right to carry concealed in the Second Amendment and that a person must prove his or her life is in danger before being issued a permit.  The 9th Circuit upheld the County's position by a margin of 7-4.  Before you say that it's "just California", Hillary's court will make that the law of the land.
VSSA members helped pay for the victories in Heller and McDonald.  You contributed to a special appeal that allowed VSSA to be a party to the State Association amicus briefs, so you have a special stake in making sure those decision are not rendered worthless.  Gun owners need to understand that if those decisions are reversed, we won't go back to the way things were before Heller, as former NRA President David Keene reiterated during his appearance on this past Sunday's Armed American Radio (at about the 43:25 minute mark of the first hour) program and in his new book, Shall Not Be Infringed the New Assaults on Your Second AmendmentHillary Clinton wants the 2nd Amendment reinterpreted so it doesn't mean anything, which as Keene told AAR host Mark Walters, "is the moral equivalent of abolishing it."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fact Checking Politifact on Clinton's Statement Supporting Australian Gun Confiscation as Model for US

On Monday, Politifact published this dismissive "fact check" of the NRA's anti-Clinton mailer that charges “Clinton said gun confiscation is ‘worth considering.” 
In the final rating of "Mostly False" the author, Warren Fiske, said Clinton was simply talking about "voluntary buyback programs" and not confiscation: 
Clinton made that statement last year at a New Hampshire campaign stop, when she was asked a vague question about an Australian program that gave gun owners one year to sell certain firearms to the government before those weapons became illegal. She left the NRA some room.

But the NRA stretches her words to an almost unrecognizable form. Clinton focused her comments on voluntary buyback programs similar to those some U.S. communities have instituted for guns and the federal "cash-for-clunkers" program.
Fiske however misses some key facts, like, the Australian "buyback" wasn't voluntary, it was mandatory, as the NRA was quick to point out:
The Washington Examiner's Ashe Schow did the work that Fiske apparently did not have time to do:
And that "Australian example" was an example of gun confiscation. It was not a voluntary program. Historian Varad Mehta wrote about the Australian program last year for the Federalist, breaking down exactly what it entailed.

"Australia outlawed semi-automatic rifles, certain categories of shotgun, and implemented strict licensing and registration requirements," Mehta wrote. "The cornerstone of its new gun-control scheme, however, was a massive gun buyback program. The Australian government purchased 650,000 to one million guns with funds raised via a special tax."
Not withstanding the long list of sources Fiske lists that he used to reach his conclusion, it is very clear to anyone interested in knowing the facts that the NRA in no way "stretched" Clinton's words in an "unrecognizable form" and if given the chance, she would do everything she can to make it much harder for Americans to own firearms.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Election and Our Gun Rights

That was the topic for much of the first hour of Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio program yesterday.  Gresham reminded listeners where Hillary Clinton stands on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  Then, he interviewed Tom Mason, co-author of Shall Not be Infringed: The New Assaults on Your Second Amendment.  In the book, Mason and co-author David Keene (former NRA President) outline and examine the ongoing battle fought in the courts, Congress, and state legislatures across the country as well as in the media and even the United Nations. Guns have become a symbol over which battle after battle is fought, all the while hiding the end game of a cultural shift to government dominance.  Although the Supreme Court ruled the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual right to “keep and bear arms,” Hillary Clinton has promised to challenge this Constitutional freedom, even vowing to make it a litmus test for Supreme Court justice nominees. Gun control advocates continue to insist that the Court was wrong and should reverse this finding, thereby, stripping American gun owners of the Constitutional protection that has thus far made it impossible to ban gun ownership.

Last week, Keene spoke at the Heritage Foundation and discussed the book.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fact Checking Tim Kaine on Project Exile

Fact-checking has become such a growth industry in the media that sometimes busy fact-checkers overlook the obvious, such as Tim Kaine's attempt to rewrite his history related to the successful crime fighting initiative known as Project Exile.  Project Exile massively cut the number of murders committed with a firearm in Richmond Virginia in the 90's.  Kaine however attributes the reduction to "community policing" during the Vice Presidential Debate at Longwood University.  VSSA Legislative Director David Adams spoke with NRANews host Cam Edwards to set the record straight.  Originally aired on NRANews on October 7, 2016.

New York Times Uses Study by Left Leaning Group to Push Gun Control

The New York Times had a story yesterday touting a new study by "a leading liberal group that supports toughened gun control," the Center for American Progress, that claims firearm related deaths in states with "weaker laws" are more than three times as high as in those states with "tougher restrictions."

Mark Twain (among others), is noted for a saying he attributed to the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."  This comes to mind when you look at the study and its list of states on page 21 and find that Illinois is listed among the ten states with the lowest rate of firearm related deaths (it actually has the lowest according to the study).  Chicago is in Illinois and it already has almost 600 murders committed with a firearm, and there is still a little over two months left in the year.  Chicago has some of the strictest firearms laws in the nation even after Heller and McDonald and it hasn't stopped criminals from getting a firearm.  Maybe rather than look at Illinois as a whole, they should look at areas within those states and see what the murder rate is in Chicago and a comparable city in a pro-rights state, then make a comparison.

If the NRA paid for or did a similar study to prove states with few restrictions on firearms ownership are safer than states with many restrictions, the New York Times would say it is just propaganda funded by the "gun lobby" (actually, the gun ban lobby already does that with studies conducted by people like John Lott).  But the Times treats this study as gospel and uses it to promote ballot initiatives in California, Nevada, Washington and Maine.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Washington Examiner: Clinton Vows Supreme Court Judge Who Backs Gun Control

Hillary Clinton doubled down on her campaign's anti-gun rhetoric during Sunday night's debate.  During a question related to what type of qualities she will look for in Supreme Court justices, she did not mention their constitutional philosophy once, but listed a litany of things that should not be part of the consideration.  From the Washington Examiner:
"I respect the Second Amendment, but I believe that there should be comprehensive background checks," the Democratic nominee said Sunday, "and we should close the gun show loophole and close the online loophole we have to save as many lives as we possibly can."

Clinton's remarks were a response to the specific question: "What would you prioritize as the most important aspect of selecting a Supreme Court justice?"

She said she believes the current court has "gone in wrong direction." Though the issue of gun control was mentioned only briefly Sunday evening during the debate, it has been an ongoing theme of the Clinton campaign.
Clinton has used both debates to stress the importance of more gun control.  Last debate she tied gun control to better "race relations."  That's interesting given it was a black man, Otis McDonald, that fought for the right for residents of  Chicago to be able to own firearms for self defense.  But that is likely one of the cases Clinton was referring to when she said the Court has "gone the wrong direction."

Thursday, October 6, 2016

NRA Releases Candidate Grades for Virginia

You can see the list here.  No real surprises in House races.  The incumbent GOP House members earned endorsements, as did 5th District Candidate, State Senator Tom Garret, who is running for an open seat.  Their Democrat challengers don't receive any grades higher than a "D."  The GOP challengers running in the 3rd, and 8th Districts as well as in the open 4th District received "AQ" ratings but no endorsement.  All three of those districts are gerrymandered to make it almost impossible for anyone other than a Democrat to win.  There is no U.S. Senate race in Virginia this year.  Get out and do what you can for the candidate in your district.  If you live in the Richmond or Roanoke area, you can contact the NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representatives to find out how you can help:

Patrick DeStefano, Roanoke, VA, 864-680-0399,

Joe Vrecheck, Richmond, VA, (817) 729-8365,

Shooting Sports USA: The New Gold Standard - Ginny Thrasher

NRA's Shooting Sports USA has a great article on Virginian and 2016 Gold Medalist Ginny Thrasher:
To say that Ginny Thrasher is a shooting phenom is an understatement. She originally took up the sport five years ago after a hunting trip with her grandfather. Two years later, she was the 45th best junior shooter in the country and was destined for success.
Thasher wants more people to take up the sport and had some great advice for new shooters:
Additionally, Ginny wants to spread the word about rifle competition, saying, “One of the best parts about rifle is natural ability does not hold you back. Whether you’re a male, female, 5'1" or 6'1", it doesn’t matter. Rifle is a sport where you very much get out of it what you put into it, and that’s the message I would like to get across.”
It's worth the short time it takes to read the entire article.

Monday, October 3, 2016

NOVA Armory Sold to Store Manager

The Washington Post has the story here:
Dennis R. Pratte, who opened Nova Armory in March under the business name of Broadstone Security, said he sold the business Aug. 19 to Shawn Poulin, the store’s manager, who continues to operate it.

Poulin, in an interview at the store Saturday, said that the business is “in the black” and that he plans to expand to the second floor, with a showroom to feature rifles, tactical gear and an expanded clothing line. The former Marine said he’s the majority owner of the store. He said his partner is a Fairfax County company that makes amphibious patrol boats, but he would not name the firm.
Pratte was harassed by malcontents in the neighborhood and the General Assembly when he originally opened the store.