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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Outdoor Hub: The Sig P365 Takes the Concealed Carry Gun Concept to a New, Needed Level has a great review of the Sig P365 pistol.  The review wastes no time in going down the list of things that are great about the pistol starting with the most important part - reliability:
In my book, nothing about my EDC gun matters more than whether it goes “bang” when I press the trigger. The P365 shines in this department. I’ve challenged it by running aluminum-cased FMJ mixed with two brands of HP in the magazine; no problem. It cycles like a champ.
The reviewer did find one issue that he considered a minor problem:
A couple of reviewers have reported extraction issues with the P365; I’ve never experienced that even under rapid fire. What I do experience consistently is a failure of the slide to lock back after the last round. This might be due to the gun’s minimalist construction—it’s the first I’ve seen not to have a slide lock notch that’s visible from the exterior of the slide, for example. I believe other components were minimized in an effort to squeeze maximum round capacity into that small space.
If you are not familiar with the latest addition to the concealed carry firearm line-up, read the entire review.

Pot Calling Kettle Black

I subscribe to Bloomberg's anti-rights mouthpiece The Trace because I want to be current with what the other side says.  I had to chuckle this morning when what is essentially an anti-gun blog masquerading as a news site called another web site (Alex Jones' InfoWars) "fake news".   Not defending Jones and his antics or passing judgement on whether Jones' site is real news.  I just found it amusing that one fake news source would call out another web site.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

NBC: Gun control group targets firearms owners with new ads, seeks common ground

NBC News has a report on a new ad campaign by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence titled "End Family Fire." The term "End Family Fire" refers to "accidental shootings of children and other family members in homes across the nation".  The campaign attempts to reach gun owners with a message of safe storage, but massively fails at the attempt as it uses misleading statistics to try to make the point that 8 kids a day die (that's almost 3000 a year) each year from improperly stored firearms.

It's not surprising that this Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign would take this approach as the campaign is produced by the AdCouncil, which was also responsible for a "safe storage" PSA campaign funded by the Obama administration and produced in collaboration with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).  That series of ads included kids saying, if you store your guns safely "I won't be scared."  Based on numbers from the National Safety Council Injury Facts 2014 Edition, the total number of unintentional firearms related deaths in 2012 was only 600 - that 's total, not just children.  So to get anywhere near the number that the "End Family Fire" campaign uses they must be including suicides in the total.  Suicide brings a completely different set of issues with it besides just the availability of firearms.

VSSA supports NSSF's Project ChildSafe initiative which encourages gun owners to store their firearms properly when not in use.  It's successful and the record low numbers of unintentional firearm related fatalities is proof.  Brady and Ad Council should leave the messaging of safe storage to people who know guns and gun owners.

Update: NSSF has a blog post pointing out how the Ad Council and Brady have mis-fired in their new ad.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Virginia Action Shooting Program Grows

By Eliot Jardines

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) has seen significant growth in Virginia this year. SASP was created by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation in 2013 and consists of youth ages 10 – college competing in pistol and rifle. Athletes shoot at five steel targets that are arrayed in four different stages while timed. The program currently boasts approximately 1,200 participants nationally and 50 within the Commonwealth.

The SASP program began in earnest in Virginia in 2015 when the LoCo Motion Foundation established Team LoCo Motion in Purcellville. In 2016, the Winchester Izaak Walton League established the WIWL Blue Ridge Bullets. Each of these teams has grown significantly both in terms of numbers as well as competitive prowess. Both teams received significant support from Friends of the NRA/NRA Foundation. Three new teams are being established, two of are sponsored by the Young Marines and one by the US Naval Sea Cadets.
Members of the Blue Ridge Bullets sponsored by the Winchester Izaak Walton League at SASP Nationals.
Team LoCo Motion head coach Eliot Jardines was recently appointed the SASP State Advisor for the Commonwealth. “We are very pleased with the growth of SASP in Virginia. With the help of our steadfast supporters the NRA and the SASP national staff, we were able to pull off the first ever Virginia SASP State Match,” he stated. Held at the NRA Headquarters Range, the state match was contested in the rimfire pistol, rifle-optic and rifle-iron sights divisions. In addition to the two VA teams, an SASP team from Gaston County, North Carolina also participated. In addition to the competition, attendees were given a guided tour of the National Firearms Museum and had a chance to meet newly elected NRA President Oliver North who was on hand to welcome the competitors.
Members of Team LoCo Motion at SASP Nationals.
The culmination of the competitive season is the SASP Nationals in Ohio however and there is where Virginia’s teams have made their presence known. This year’s SASP Nationals had a record 1,200 entries, making it simultaneously the world’s largest youth action shooting event and the largest steel match in history. Given this level of competition, the Commonwealth’s teams achievements were quite remarkable.

Newcomers to Nationals this year, the WIWL Blue Ridge Bullets acquitted themselves quite well with their Intermediate (middle school) rimfire squad placing 18th out of 23 squads. The team also fielded two squads in the open rimfire division (squads with both middle and high school students), which placed 21st and 45th out of 68 squads. At the individual level, Amelia Lunceford placed 10th and Carigan Cogle placing 12th in the ladies Intermediate Advanced Division. Graceleigh, Genevieve and Emmaline Blodgett placing 14th, 18th and 19th respectively in the Intermediate Entry Level Division. On the men’s side, Talon Morris took 7th and Maccoy Gilkison took 12th in the Intermediate Entry Level Division.

Team LoCo Motion returned for its third year to SASP Nationals. The Senior (high school) squad took 9th out of 32 squads in rimfire pistol with the Intermediate squad placing 15th out of 23 squads. At the individual level, team captain Adam Jardines placed 16th in the highly competitive men’s Varsity Division, squad leader Corrine Whisenant taking 6th in the women’s Junior Varsity Division and Jack Bright taking 15th in the men’s JV Division. At the intermediate level, squad leader Ethan Jardines took 5th place in the men’s Intermediate Advanced Division while Lauren Creese likewise took 5th in the women’s IA Division. The team also tried their hand at the new pistol caliber carbine (PCC) discipline and took 5th place in the Open Division.

As the teams gear up for the new shooting season which starts in September, the Scholastic Action Shooting Program will be adding three new teams before the end of 2018. SASP is keenly interested in expanding the program outside of Northern Virginia and interested parties are encouraged to contact the State Advisor at to learn more about establishing a team, available funding and scholarship opportunities.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

2018 VSSA Annual Meeting

The VSSA Annual Meeting will be held on September 15, 2018 at the Arlington-Fairfax Chapter, IWLA, 14708 Mt. Olive Rd, Centreville, VA 20121. Activities begin at 12:00 Noon; dinner at 5:30 PM followed by Annual Meeting and after dinner speaker. VSSA election results will be announced and the VSSA raffle drawing will be conducted. The dinner menu is pulled pork barbeque, pulled chicken, beef brisket and delicious side dishes. The cost for dinner is $18.00. After noon activities include:
  • Pistol: Standard and “fun” targets
  • Rifle: Standard and “fun” targets
  • Air Rifle/Air Pistol: Standard and “fun” targets
  • Shotgun: Standard trap targets
  • Archery: Standard and “fun” targets
Guns, targets and ammo will be provided for pistol, rifle, air rifle and air pistol. There will be a small target charge for shotgun shooting and shooters can purchase 12 and 20 gauge shells at the range. Check out the state-of-the-art air rifle/air pistol range and try your hand at this challenging sport.

Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy your favorite activities with fellow VSSA members! Mark your calendar now!

This year's annual raffle prizes are as follows:
1st Prize: Henry Golden Boy Silver 1000 Man Shoot Rifle
2nd Prize: $250 Cabela's Gift Card
3rd Prize: $100 Cash
The Henry Golden Boy Silver 1000 Man Shoot rifle is a limited edition firearm! On November 14, 2016, NRA and Henry Repeating Arms teamed up to set a record and raise funds to continue efforts in protecting the 2nd Amendment. Freedom loving Americans joined together to set a world record by simultaneously firing 1,000 Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy Silver rifles at Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ. Henry Repeating Arms generously donated the custom engraved rifles to the NRA and they in turn paid it forward by donating one rifle to every NRA State Association.

The Henry Golden Boy Silver rifle in .22LR is configured with octagon barrels, American walnut stocks, and fully adjustable Marbles semi-buckhorn sights. This beauty features a mirror-bright nickeled receiver cover, matching barrel band and buttplate, and a gleam that'll get you noticed proudly anywhere you shoot. The Henry Golden Boy Silver for the 1,000 Man Shoot comes custom with a 1,000 Man Shoot commemorative logo (watch the first few minutes of the video below for a great shot of the rifle and logo) and Allen case, making it one of a kind. Or one-in-a-thousand.
You can download tickets here if you would like a chance to win this firearm.  Download a dinner reservation form here.  Simply complete the raffle ticket information portion and dinner reservation form and to: Virginia Shooting Sports Association, PO Box 1258, Orange, VA 22960

Monday, July 30, 2018

Loudoun Youth State Shooting Champions

Members of Team LoCo Motion have risen to state-wide prominence having recently won state championships at the Scholastic Action Shooting Program State Match.  Established in 2015, Team LoCo Motion participates in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) where youth, ages 12 – college shoot pistols and rifles at steel targets while timed.  The state match took place at the NRA Headquarters range in Fairfax.  In one of his first official acts, NRA President Oliver North was on hand to welcome the athletes.
During the competition, athletes competed as a four-person squad shooting both rimfire pistol and rifle.  The Team LoCo Motion Red Squad took 2nd place in the rimfire pistol division, just missing first place by only 0.62 seconds.  Red Squad members included Nathan Ellis of Leesburg, Adam and Ethan Jardines of Purcellville as well as Corrine Whisenant of Harpers Ferry, WV.   In the rimfire rifle - optics division, the Team LoCo Motion Crimson Squad took 3rd place.  Squad members included Lauren Creese of Purcellville, Anna and Ben Soltis of Round Hill and Corrine Whisenant.

At the individual level, the team took the lions share of championships:
-        Michael Soltis of Round Hill took 1st place in the collegiate rimfire pistol as well as collegiate rifle - iron sights divisions
-        Adam Jardines of Purcellville took 1st place in the high school rimfire pistol division
-        Ethan Jardines of Purcellville took 1st place in the middle school rimfire pistol and rifle – iron sights divisions

Team LoCo Motion, has received grant funding from the NRA Foundation and the Town of Purcellville.  As a way of assisting other youth development programs, the team runs pistol qualifications sessions for the VIKING Division Sea Cadets in Purcellville, as well as the Leesburg and Winchester Civil Air Patrol squadrons.  For more information about the team, visit

Eliot Jardines

Defense Distributed Wins Against Big Three Gun Ban Groups, More Battles Ahead

VSSA covered the story of Defense Distributed in a recent edition of our member newsletter. For those who may not have seen that, earlier this month, the Justice Department decided to settle a lawsuit with Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation related to Defense Distributed hosting and distributing certain computer files that can help devices such as 3D printers, manufacture firearms at home. Wilson believed, among other things, that his First Amendment rights were restricted by being prohibited from spreading the information in those files, which he believed to be protected speech. The government's official announcement that it was lifting its ban on the distribution of the files (the government had the position that distributing the files constituted illegal munitions export) was supposed to happen this past Friday.

Well, as can be expected, the gun ban lobby went apoplectic, and three of them, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, and GiffordsPAC, filed suite in a federal court in Texas.  From's coverage of the story:
Panicked, a trio of gun-control interests (Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, and GiffordsPAC) tried to muscle in on the lawsuit at the very last minute and prevent the settlement from going into effect. Friday, after a hearing before Judge Robert Pitman in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, their attempt failed, the settlement went into effect, the lawsuit is over, and the files are being freely distributed.

...The Brady Campaign and their partners, Wilson thinks, were just hoping to stall resolution of the settlement and "kill us with paperwork and keep us in court" for possibly years longer. "The Judge saw through everything, is the long and short of it" Wilson says. The executive branch, Wilson says, "gets to decide on national security prerogatives" and in a sense Wilson says his side was being forced to defend the arguments of his ostensible legal opponents in the federal government, "which is that the courts can't review" the decision to let the files be distributed.
This likely isn't the end of Wilson's legal battles as Reason reports the New Jersey AG sent a letter to him threatening a lawsuit and CBS reports that last night Defense Distributed agreed to block Pennsylvania users after an emergency hearing Sunday night in federal court in Philadelphia.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Lee County Facing Backlash from VA DOE and VA AG Over Decision to Allow Armed School Staff

Lee County, located in far southwest Virginia, is facing backlash from state officials, including Governor Northam, the state Department of Education and the Attorney General over the decision to allow school staff to be armed while on the job.  But, the county is so far undeterred in their decision.  Yesterday, Lee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian T. Austin spoke with NRATV's Dana Loesch about the Board's decision and the reaction of state officials.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Over Six Months Out From 2019 Session, Democrats Working on Gun Ban Legislation

WSLS NBC10 has the story here.
Del. Chris Hurst, D-Blacksburg, held a town-hall style discussion Wednesday on VMI’s post in Lexington. Police chiefs, sheriffs, commonwealth’s attorneys, legal experts and other Democratic lawmakers spoke.

Hurst hopes to present a bill in the Virginia Legislature in the 2019 session that gives police more power to take action in emergency situations. The proposal is called an Extreme Risk Protection Order. It lets officers take someone’s guns for a two-week period if they get a warrant. These are cases where someone is a serious, imminent threat to themselves or others.

It could come into play if someone’s drunk and threatening someone, if someone posts on social media threatening to shoot someone or if there’s reason to believe someone might hurt themselves. 
The so-called "Red Flag" legislation is what the gun ban lobby believes is the most doable, having already passed in other pro-rights states like Florida.  Of course the devil is in the details and previously there has been a concern over due-process rights before someone loses their Second Amendment Rights.