Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Project ChildSafe Launches "Many Paths to Firearms Safety" Videos

The National Shooting Sports Foundation's Project ChildSafe has launched three safe storage educational videos titled "Many Paths to Firearms Safety."

The videos are portrayals of three different gun owners and their stories of ownership, along with the steps they took to make sure they would handle and store that firearm safely when not in use.
The series reflects that more Americans – especially women – are buying guns for many different reasons, ranging from personal protection to target and sports shooting.  The central message is that while there are many different reasons why someone would choose to buy a gun, the common thread among them must be a commitment to store firearms responsibly when not in use so they can't be picked up by a child, stolen or accessed by someone who may want to harm themselves.

Funded by a 2015 award from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, NSSF has been doing an enhanced version of their firearm lock distribution program in three cities - Oklahoma City, Memphis, and Cleveland, that also includes two public service announcements and the video vignettes.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Shaky" Dave Smith on his Gun Therapy to Fight Parkinson's Tremors

This is a really heart-warming story and shows just how the shooting sports can be therapeutic.  He call's himself "Shaky Dave" and he is a competitive shooter.  He has Parkinson's and it is simply amazing what competitive shooting has done to help him in his battle against this deadly disease.  Last night he was on Dana Loesch's NRATV Relentless program to talk about his "Gun Therapy".  He told Dana that when he started he was in a scooter but as you will see in the below interview, he now competes standing up and you see almost no signs of his Parkinson's once a firearm is in his hand.

GATDaily.com reports that he has earned a spot in the earned a spot at the 2019 World Rifle Shoot in Sweden.
Watching Smith approach a firing line, the symptoms are obvious, but once a gun is in his hands, the tremors stop, all is still. It’s part of what he calls “gun therapy,” a term he coined to describe the positive impact shooting sports has had on his life.
Watch the clip from Dana's show below.  It's a great interview!

VSSA Member and NRA Board Member Willes K Lee Thanks VSSA

The NRA year conducts an election to select the Board of Directors. One of this year's candidates was current NRA Board Member and VSSA Member Willes Lee and he was re-elected. Today, he had this message for VSSA members:
Thank you to VSSA for your support and votes. We could not win without you.
Respectfully, Willes
Congratulations Willes and thanks for all you do to fight for our firearm freedom.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

21st Annual VSSA's Crush'n Clays Set for June 8, 2019

It's hard to believe that Crush'n Clays® is entering our 21st year! Crush'n Clays® is an amazing success story. It is the longest running shooting charity event in the country. This tremendous achievement would not have been possible without the tireless support of our sponsors, volunteers and participants. Over the last nineteen years, we've raised more than $350,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We look to continue this successful achievement with the 21st Annual Crush'n Clays®.

This year's event will be held on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at the Arlington/Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America in Fairfax County, Virginia. There will be a special reception, Friday evening June 7th, at the IWLA Clubhouse, to recognize and thank our generous sponsors.

We look forward to you joining us in the 21st Annual Crush'n Clays®. On behalf of the kids of St. Jude's, thank you.

To pay by check, click here to download an entry form and mail to VSSA. To become a Sponsor and pay by check, click here to download a form to mail to VSSA.

Crush'n Clays® is not only the the longest running shooting charity that supports the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, but also the longest consecutive running charity shooting event in the country!

Entries may now be made online. Just scroll to the bottom of the page. Credit Cards are accepted. Hurry, this event has sold out in the past.

Entry Fee Includes: Main event ammunition, loaner shotguns, targets, clinic, lunch, and awards
All Sponsors Receive: Sponsor Reception Friday evening, Logo on banner displayed in a prominent location, presentation of an appreciation plaque, and mention in all event media releases

June 8, 2019
Arlington-Fairfax IWLA
Check-in begins at 8:00am
Event T-shirts to first 100 entrants
For more information: (540) 672-5848
Trapshooting Team Format

Individual Awards
Lewis Class
50 Target Event/Person
25 - 16 yard targets
25 handicap targets
Annie Oakley Side Event (ammunition for side event available for purchase at range)

Special VSSA Membership Offer

Gun owners are under attack.  The most radical anti-gun agenda in U.S. history has started moving through Congress and in states across the country.  They will look to continue the assault right here in Virginia with all 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates and all 40 seats in the Virginia Senate up for grabs this November. But you can help stop it by joining VSSA.

Join or renew for three years between April 1 - and June 30th and receive this limited edition VSSA Knife. We aren't leaving out our life members either! Simply donate $60 or more to the VSSA Warchest  between April 1 and June 30th and you can receive the knife too!

We saw their agenda during the just completed 2019 General Assembly - a ban on private gun sales, and a sweeping ban on semi-automatic firearms, including hundreds of the most commonly owned rifles, shotguns and pistols in America. We need every Virginia gun owner to be a member of VSSA so that your voice is added to those that have already answered the call to fight for our rights.

VSSA has been successful in beating back the attacks so far because our legislative team has been at the General Assembly every day but now more than ever, with both the House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate holding a slim one vote pro-gun majority in each house, we need you. Join today and not only are you saving $15 over the course of your membership, but getting a great knife too!

Simply click here to join VSSA today or login to your member account on the website and renew. If you are a Life Member and would like to receive a knife, simply click here to donate $60 or more today.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Random Thoughts on Current Events

VSSA's sister organization, the Illinois State Rifle Association, sends a Thursday Bulletin to their membership.  In it, Richard Pearson, the ISRA Executive Director, shares news and thoughts of interest to their membership.  This week's Thursday Bulletin made a couple of great points on current events that could affect gun owners so they are shared below.
The shooting in New Zealand was designed to push gun control and, of course, the choir of canaries in the liberal media started chirping right on queue. Predictably, the media blamed President Trump for the whole thing. I imagine if two asteroids collide in a galaxy 20,000 light years away it would be the President’s fault, according to CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS. This illogical blame game will only heat up as we get closer to the 2020 elections.

The left-wing talking heads have brought forth a couple of ideas to tamper with our proven institutions. Their first is to tamper with the United States Supreme Court by “packing” the Court. To do this, the number of Justices would be increased, presumably, with left-wing ideologues to overwhelm the conservatives on the Court. This has been tried before by FDR.

Their second idea is to have term limits on the Justices or to have reappointment hearings every so many years. If any of those ideas were passed, every year we would have a fiasco like the Kavanaugh hearings. Any of these ideas would turn the Supreme Court into a constant ineffective circus, which is what the left wants.

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is railing against the Electoral College. The Electoral College was designed as one last step should the electorate elect some clown or traitor to the Presidency. You can tell who should not be elected by the candidates who hate the Electoral College. The Electoral College has worked just fine and should be left alone.

The United States Supreme Court and the Electoral College were both designed to prevent mob rule and prevent tyranny. Most people equate tyranny with dictatorship but that is not necessarily so. Any form of government can become tyrannical including democracies.
Regarding the Electoral College, remember that the United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. And without the Electoral College, we would no longer be a Republic.  What Warren and other Democratic Presidential Candidates want is a direct democracy where 50% plus 1 rules.  That means states like California, New York, Illinois and a few others, all with large cities and large populations, would decide what the rest of the country does.  That is exactly what the founders tried to prevent.  The Presidential election is not one election, but 51 distinct elections - in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.  You are not actually voting for the candidate but for electors for those candidates.  Those electors then cast their ballots on the appointed date after the election based on what the vote totals were in their state.  It's why the election matters in all fifty states.  Without the Electoral College, the most populous states would decide the election. Much is made about the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 but the fact is, those numbers were largely driven by running up the numbers in states like California and New York.  While she had a higher number of "popular" votes, Donald Trump won more states, which is exactly how the system was created to work.

ISRA also included a list of the 16 states that currently have "constitutional" carry.   For those interested, those states are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Team Blue Eagles Youth Trap Shooting Program Now Accepting Applications

Team Blue Eagles is now accepting applications for the 2019 Season.   The season will include range practice, classroom sessions and competition shoots. In the event of inclement weather that prevents use of the range, the team will have classroom sessions. The Program covers:
  • Basic Gun Safety On and Off The Field
  • TAASAR & Blue Eagles Philosophy
  • Range Rules
  • Trapshooting Equipment & Operation
  • Basic and Mid-level Marksmanship Skills
  • Tournaments and Competition
Blue Eagles began shooting registered American Trap Association (ATA) competitions in 2015 and became a registered Academics, Integrity, Marksmanship (AIM) Team in 2016. ATA is the governing body for American Trap, providing rules and regulations for classification and local, state and national registered competition, and AIM, is the youth program of the ATA. AIM extends classification and competition rules into the youth format and provides leagues, competitions and scholarships reserved only for youth shooters at the local and national levels.

The Season runs from April 2nd to June 2nd and is for youth ages 12-17 (boys and girls). 2019 Fees ($25 AIM Registration and $35 Team Registration) are due April 6.  For more information click the web site link above.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

WSJ: Connecticut Court Rules Manufacturer of AR-15 Used at Sandy Hook Can Be Sued on Marketing of Gun.

The Wall Street Journal just reported that the suit brought by families of victims of the Sandy Hook School Shooting can proceed on how the gun was marketed. The case will now return to the trial court to move forward on those claims. The court did toss several other victim claims, finding they were barred by federal law. More to come as news becomes available.

We Now Know What "Good First Step" Means

When the Democrats in the House of Representatives pushed through HR8, the bill to criminalizing private transfer of firearms without background checks, we heard from those pushing the bill that it would not stop every "tragedy" but it was a "good first step".  We now have a look at what the next step should be - background checks on all ammo purchases, complete with the hashtag #closetheammoloophole.  CBS 4 in Miami has the story.

It's Not Just Overt Gun Ban Legislation We Have to Watch

The New York Times reports that gun rights is a sticking point in the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
Republicans also raised objections to provisions in the act that would bar people convicted of a violent misdemeanor or subject to a court order from owning firearms, and tried to undo a provision that gave tribal courts the ability to prosecute non-Native Americans who attack Native American women on tribal land. They also sought to add a provision that would ban organizations that perform abortions from receiving federal funding under the act. None of the amendments passed.
The gun ban crowd is going to use any vehicle necessary to push their agenda. The Violence Against Women Act is typically a very bipartisan piece of legislation.  Based on the Times report, the Democratic Majority is using it as a vehicle to push their social justice agenda that might not pass otherwise in the Republican controlled Senate.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Hill: Dick's Sporting Goods Pulling Guns From 125 Stors

You can find the story here.  According to The Hill, company CEO Ed Stack said during an earnings call that Dick’s tested a new "gun-free model" in 10 stores over the last several months and will expand it to markets where the hunting category is not performing well. Stack said those stores that tested the gun-free model saw positive sales in the most recent quarter.

Same-store-sales declined overall in the just completed fiscal year, but The Hill noted the company's stock has increased 10 percent since making the changes related to gun sales last year.

WSJ: Rural Sheriffs Defy New Gun Measures

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had this article about a growing movement among sheriffs in states that are enacting a growing number of gun control laws like so-called "universal" background checks.  Sheriffs say they will not enforce such laws:
In swaths of rural America, county sheriffs, prosecutors and other local officials are mounting resistance to gun-control measures moving through legislatures in Democratic-led states.

The “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement has taken hold in more than 100 counties in several states, including New Mexico and Illinois, where local law-enforcement and county leaders are saying they won’t enforce new legislation that infringes on the constitutional right to bear arms.

For instance, in New Mexico, 30 of 33 county sheriffs have signed a letter pledging to not help enforce several gun-control measures supported by Democrats in Santa Fe, according to the state’s sheriff association. The sheriffs, who are elected, say they are heeding the wishes of voters in the counties they serve. More than two dozen counties in the state have enacted “sanctuary” resolutions backing the sheriffs and affirming that no tax dollars in their jurisdictions should go to enforcing the proposed laws.
The Journal notes that a number of these sheriffs view this as a "conservative version" of sanctuary cities that protect immigrants who are in the country illegally.  The article also showed a graphic that points out the urban/rural divide on several issues including gun rights.
Source: Pew Research Center web survey of 3,930 U.S. adults conducted March 13-27 and April 4-18, 2017; margin of error 2.8 percentage points
It's not just sheriff's that are questioning the new laws. 
“We’re all part of the same state, but almost all the crime we’re seeing and the weapons we’re seeing are coming out of the city,” said Brandon Zanotti, the Democratic state’s attorney of Williamson County in Illinois located 300 miles south of Chicago.

Mr. Zanotti objects to proposed restrictions on semiautomatic weapons in Illinois because, he says, they would burden law enforcement and turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals.

Sheriffs and prosecutors have discretion to decide whether to arrest or charge someone for committing a crime, but that flexibility is case-by-case, says Norman Williams, a Willamette University law professor. He drew a distinction between prosecutorial discretion and a categorical refusal to enforce a law. The latter undermines the rule of law, he said.
Sheriff's and prosecutors are elected and those in rural areas tend to share the views of those who elected them.