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Friday, October 12, 2018

Cardinal Cup Action Pistol Championship Results

The Cardinal Cup Action Pistol Championship was held at Bedford Rifle & Revolver Club on September 30th. The results are as follows:

State Champion- Overall
Kevin Angstadt
Radford, VA

Grand Senior Production and Grand Senior Metallic Sight Winner
Steven Kalinski
Bedford, VA

Lawman Winner
Travis Hayton
Bluefield, VA

Congratulations to the participants and the winners.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Gun Control Activists Successful at Smith and Wesson Holding Company Shareholder Meeting

CNBC has the story here.
The maker of Smith & Wesson firearms lost a prolonged fight with religious groups and other shareholders who have been pushing it to consider a plan to help reduce the harmful effects of its products.

The investors, led by The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, presented a resolution on gun safety at American Outdoor Brand's annual shareholder meeting Tuesday, the same resolution it successfully passed at Sturm Ruger earlier this year. And the preliminary voting showed the shareholders also won this fight.

The proposal calls on American Outdoor Brands, Smith & Wesson's parent company, to put together a report on whether the gun maker is adequately addressing the risks that its products are associated with gun violence and to show evidence it is exploring ways to make safer guns and products to reduce this violence.
The CEO of American Outdoor Brands, James Debney, stated the obvious when he said it was a politically motivated vote. This continues the trend of investor activism against gun manufacturers as liberal organizations like the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), among others, have pushed for gun control and prevent pension funds from investing in firearms manufacturers, especially those that manufacture modern sporting rifles. AFT also backed the Interfaith Center's proposal.

Smith and Wesson is the second firearms manufacturer targeted by Interfaith.  Ruger's shareholders passed a similar proposal in May at their stockholder meeting.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Roll Call: Giffords PAC Airs New TV Ad Against Comstock in Virginia

Roll Call reports this morning that the anti-rights Political Action Committee (PAC) of former congresswoman Gabby Giffords is dropping a second TV ad against Virgnia's 10th District representative Barbara Comstock:
The spot, debuting Wednesday and obtained first by Roll Call, opens with footage of a parent playing with a small child.

“Congress should be doing everything it can to protect families from gun violence,” the narrator says. “But time and again, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has sided with the NRA over us.”

The ad is part of Giffords PAC’s $1 million investment in the suburban D.C.-based 10th District, which is near the NRA’s national headquarters. It will air on cable across the district, with heavy play in Loudon and Fairfax counties.
The 10th District is thought to be the best "pick-up" opportunity for the Democrats as both Hillary Clinton and Governor Ralph Northam carried the district by double digits.  Every gun owner in the 10th District needs to contact the Comstock campaign and to see how you can help with less than 50 days until the election.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Roanoke City Council Wants to Ban Firearms from Council Meetings

Earlier this month the Roanoke Times reported that the city council will once again ask the General Assembly to give it the authority to ban firearms from their meetings.  Similar efforts have failed in the past but the much slimmer pro-rights majority now in the House of Delegates has given them hope that this time may be different:
The new proposal is more narrowly tailored. It doesn’t seek a total ban on firearms in the municipal building but instead seeks to bar guns in places where a local governing body is meeting.

The ban would apply only during a council session, not all the time, and it would apply wherever the council meets, even if it’s not in the municipal building.

“That’s a step and it’s only one step,” said Councilman Bill Bestpitch during the meeting of council’s legislative committee, which he chairs.

He noted that there’s ample precedent for what the city is seeking. Guns are banned from local courthouses and parts of the General Assembly itself.

“This is really no different than other arms of government,” he said.
NRATV's Kerry Picket discussed the proposal with Dana Loesch on Friday's episode of Relentless.
This makes the special election in the 8th House of Delegate's District to fill the vacant seat left vacant by Delegate Greg Habeeb even more important.  The candidates are E. Carter Turner III (D) and Joseph McNamara (R).  The election will coincide with the General Election on November 6th.

VSSA Life Member Steve Halbrook on Big Banks Denying Services to Gun Companies

Gun control activists, frustrated by their inability to pass federal gun control laws, are pressuring the nation's largest banks to refuse to do business with firearms manufacturers and retailers. Such policies circumvent the Constitution and federal law.  VSSA Life Member, Second Amendment attorney and scholar Steve Halbrook is taking part in a pro-con debate on the issue in several newspapers. On Friday, Halbrook appeared on NRATV's Cam and Company to discuss his OP/ED and the issue.  He describes Aristotle's warnings about oligarchs - the consequences of concentration of power in the hands of a few. He said that's what's happening with banks like Bank of America and CitiBank, taking it upon themselves to supersede federal and state laws. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing something similar in New York, punishing insurance companies in an effort to suppress the lawful First Amendment speech of the National Rifle Association. The ACLU agrees. Steve says the gun control radicals don't care how their goals are achieved.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

2018 Annual Raffle Winners

The winning tickets for this year's Annual Meeting Raffle were drawn last night at the VSSA Annual Meeting.  The winners are below.

1st Prize - Henry Golden Boy Silver Rifle Used for the 1,000 Man Shoot
G. Horne – Hampton, VA

2nd Place - Cabela's $250 Gift Card
R. Keeble – Gore, VA

3rd Place - $100 Cash
R. Morrison, Crewe, VA

Thanks to all of our members who supported this year's raffle.  A special thank you to Mr. Morrison who asked that his prize to support the VSSA War Chest.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

VSSA Mourns the Death of A Humble Hero - Dominick Casciano

VSSA and Crush'n Clays® has lost a very dear and loyal supporter. Dominick Casciano passed away September 9, 2018. He was deeply committed to helping the kids of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  For 19 years, Dominick Casciano was a Gold Sponsor for VSSA's Crush'n Clays event benefiting St. Jude. Over that period, he personally donated over $80,000 to the Crush'n Clays event. He was the largest single contributor to the event in our 20 years history. A humble man, he requested no recognition. In fact at this year's event, he requested that his name not appear on the t-shirts along with the other event sponsors. We honored that request. He was always jovial, and generous to a fault. A dear friend, who will be miss immensely. We are now diminished.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Andrew Pollack: Stop Weaponizing Parkland to Advance Dangerous Political Agenda

On the first day of the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, Parkland father and gun control advocate, Fred Guttenberg, made news for walking up to the judge to introduce himself and shake his hand only to have Kavanaugh turn and walk away with his security team.  Guttenberg's daughter Jamie was murdered during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Guttenberg, many in the mainstream media, and others opposing Kavanaugh's confirmation have tried to use this to their advantage.  But as NPR noted, a video posted by NBC News does make it appear that "someone who appears to be a Hill staffer seemingly interceding in the interaction."

Guttenberg was an invited guest of California Senator Diane Feinstein.  He denies that this was part of the strategy concocted by the Democrats to disrupt the confirmation hearings. Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was one of the students killed at Parkland earlier this year, joined Dana Loesch on NRATV last night to demand that politicians and the media stop weaponizing Parkland to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearing Addresses Second Amendment

The New York Times has the story here.

When Senator Diane Feinstein asked Kavanaugh about his opinion in what is known as Heller 2 related to the ban on so-called "assault weapons" in DC, the exchange went like this:
Judge Kavanaugh expressed dismay about gun violence. But he defended a robust view of Second Amendment rights.

He was asked about his 2011 dissent in a case that upheld a ban in Washington on so-called assault weapons. The case was a sequel to District of Columbia v. Heller, the 2008 Supreme Court decision that established a constitutional right to own handguns for self-defense in the home, striking down an earlier Washington law.

The majority in the appeals court ruled that the later ban was constitutional. On Wednesday, Judge Kavanaugh explained that he dissented because Justice Antonin Scalia’s majority opinion in the 2008 decision required it.

He acknowledged that Justice Scalia had said that many gun control laws were unaffected by the 2008 ruling. “Nothing in our opinion,” Justice Scalia wrote, “should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”

Judge Kavanaugh also said that the 2008 decision allowed machine guns to be prohibited, along with “dangerous and unusual weapons.” But he said semiautomatic weapons presented a different question.

“Most handguns are semiautomatic — something not everyone appreciates,” Judge Kavanaugh said on Wednesday. Similarly, he said, “semiautomatic rifles are widely possessed in the United States.”

“I have to follow the precedent of the Supreme Court as it’s written, and that’s what I tried to do in that case,” he said.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, asked Judge Kavanaugh about the practical impact of his position in light of recent school shootings. He responded that school officials have taken steps to protect students.

“Senator,” he said, “of course the violence in the schools is something we all detest and want to do something about, and there are lots of efforts, I know, underway to make schools safer. I know at my girls’ school they do a lot of things now that are different than they did just a few years ago in terms of trying to harden the school and make it safer for everyone.”

“But as a judge my job, as I saw it,” he said, “was to follow the Second Amendment opinion of the Supreme Court whether I agreed with it or disagreed with it.”
Independence Institute Director of Research, Dave Kopel, has written that no nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court has had such a detailed record on Second Amendment as Brett Kavanaugh. The fact that President Trump nominated someone with such a detailed record on the issue says a lot in a time when most Presidents try to avoid controversy in their nominations.  Candidate Trump promised to protect our Second Amendment rights as President.  So far, he appears to have nominated two Supreme Court Justices that are in line with the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the issue.