Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Kurt Schlichter: Trump Is Unlikely To Commit Political Suicide by Betraying Us On Guns Columnist Kurt Schlichter is not concerned that the President will stab gun owners in the back:
Donald Trump is a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. Like all of us, he is understandably horrified by the murder sprees of that progressive environmental eugenics weirdo and that member of Big Chief Warren’s tribe.* But Trump is also keenly aware that any betrayal of his supporters on a literally life or death issue like guns – if you’ve been listening to the left you have a good idea what miserable fate awaits you if you get disarmed and they take power – will result in his wholesale abandonment by his supporters. No, his base probably won’t go vote for the furry, or Doxxy Castro’s brother, or Gaffe-y McOldenheimer. His base will just stay home. Trump will lose, the GOP will lose the Senate, and the left will take over. And bad things will happen to the liberal elite’s enemies, not least of all to Trump and his family.

Trump understands this. And he understands that the media is trying to get him to alienate his own supporters. But so far, he has never stuck us in the back even after the garbage media eagerly reports on his conciliatory talk on subjects near and dear to us in the hopes that it means a betrayal is incoming. It never has been in the past. There’s no reason to believe he would sell us out now.

We would not forgive him. To go left on guns would be, at a minimum, political suicide.
Let's hope he's right.  But to make sure, be sure you contact the White House and let the President know where you stand.

NRA Stands Strong for Law Abiding Citizens

America's Gun Owners are under attack.  NRA's Wayne LaPierre speaks about what the NRA is doing to fight back.

House Democrats Keeping the Pressure on McConnell to Take Up Gun Ban Legislation

The Hill has the story here.
In a letter sent to McConnell on Wednesday, leaders of the House Democratic task force on gun-violence prevention requested an in-person meeting with the Kentucky Republican to discuss a pair of proposals designed to strengthen the background checks conducted prior to gun sales.
The two proposals they are pusing are criminalizing private sales and one that would extend the time that the FBI has to screen prospective buyers. Currently, if a negative response is not received withing three days, the dealer may complete the sale.

Be sure to contact Senators Warner and Kaine.  Even though it is highly likely they will support any gun ban proposals that come before them, they still need to know you oppose further restrictions on our rights.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Public Comment at the Crime Commission on August 20.

From the Crime Commission web site:

Public Comment Sign Up Information:
There will be a table in the hallway outside of the meeting room from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. on August 20th to sign up in-person to speak during public comment. Sign up is on a first come, first serve basis. You will receive a number when you sign up. You MUST have a number if you want to speak during public comment. Numbers will be provided until 11:00 a.m. or until all available numbers have been distributed, whichever occurs sooner. Due to time limitations, there is no guarantee that everyone who receives a number will be able to speak at the meeting. The Chair may exercise his prerogative to alter the order.
Comments are limited to 2 minutes per person. There will be a timer set to ensure adherence to this limit.
Written Comments:  
If you are unable to attend this meeting in-person, written comments are currently being accepted by the Crime Commission. Send written comments and any other information/materials relevant to this topic via email to or via postal mail to our office (address is below). Please be advised that comments will be shared with members of the Crime Commission.
Additional details regarding the deadline for submitting written comments will be announced following the August 20th Crime Commission meeting. 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Biden Says "Assault Weapons" Are Only for Killing People

Once again showing just how clueless he is, Joe Biden said yesterday that the only reason to own an AR-15 or AK-47 is to kill people.

That might surprise shooters like Cheyenne Dalton who is a young female competitive shooter that competes in 3-Gun.  Modern sporting rifles are used in 3-Gun.  He also apparently doesn't know about Natalie and Meredith Gibson of Iowa who also use the rifles in competition.

There are many uses for semi-automatic rifles.  Biden's comments just show that most people trying to restrict our rights have absolutely now clue about that which they wish to legislate.

Show President Trump that The NRA is 5 Million Individual Gun Owners, Not the Building in Fairfax

Bloomberg's anti-rights mouthpiece, The Trace, is using a Washington Post article posted yesterday afternoon to show that President Trump is gauging his support for gun control based on how far he thinks he can get away with without the NRA turning on him.  From the Trace:
Trump appears to be gauging whether he can get away with defying the NRA. More from the Post: "A White House official said Trump had asked some advisers and lawmakers this week about whether the NRA had enduring clout amid an internal leadership battle and allegations of improper spending" uncovered by The Trace and other journalists. The president and NRA leader Wayne LaPierre reportedly spoke several times by phone on Wednesday, with LaPierre warning that enacting universal background checks would not play well with Trump's base.
That passage about the NRA's clout is in the Post article but this part of the Post article is important too:
Manchin said he told Trump that he would need to back any gun-control legislation or it would fail again. Those comments were mirrored by almost a dozen GOP and White House aides.

“If you don’t stand up and say, ‘This is a piece of legislation I support,’ we’re not going to get enough cover to have Republicans stand tall. They won’t be able to do it,” Manchin said.

On Tuesday, Trump outlined some NRA concerns in a second call with Manchin. “We talked about that,” Manchin said. “I told him, we don’t expect the NRA to be supportive. Mr. President, in all honesty, when you did the bump stocks, they weren’t for you. They were against that, too. You didn’t take any hit on that.”
Gun owners need to show the White House that the NRA is made up of America's gun owners and we are the one that determine if he gets re-elected, not the staff in Fairfax HQ.  Contact the White House at:

Select "Contact the President" then complete the rest of the form.  In your message, politely let him know that you oppose any new restrictions on your right to keep and bear arms, especially so-called "Red Flag" laws and so-called "universal" background checks.  Let him know that an emotional response to "do something" is the wrong way to make policy and instead we should do what works, and that none of the gun control proposals being discussed would stop the mass shootings that have occurred recently and would likely not stop them in the future.

It is important that the President knows that gun owners put him in office and without our support, he will not be re-elected.

Please contact the President today!

Bloomberg's Everytown to Spend $2.5 Million in Virginia Elections

If you weren't already convinced that gun owners are in the fight of our lives, this New York Times article should convince you.

The Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, the political arm of Mr. Bloomberg’s gun control organization, said this week that it would invest at least $2.5 million in Virginia before Election Day — more than it spent in either of the last two legislative elections there. The group polled 14 legislative districts this week to determine how it will allocate its funds.  

“Virginia is a bellwether state and we are going to be there,” said John Feinblatt, Everytown’s president. “There is no doubt this is a test. This is the next theater for what’s going to happen everywhere in 2020.”

That isn't the worst of it though.  The story starts off by talking about a Democrat candidate, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan running against pro-gun GOP Delegate Tim Hugo.  He told the Times that what he hears from people as he goes door to door is they want somebody to "do something" about the mass shootings.  The propensity for people to want "something done" no matter whether it would have prevented the killings, says a lot about our society today. And it is this type of action that is being pushed by the media and the gun ban lobby.  It has gotten so bad that the up to now stalwart Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested yesterday that the Senate could look at a so-called "assault weapons" ban, background checks, and a red flag law.  As Gun Talk Radio host Tom Gresham said in a Twitter post, that would turn the Senate and the White House over to the gun ban lobby as gun owners turn their backs on Republicans and President Trump.

There is not a single one of the gun ban lobby's agenda that would have stopped last weekend's shootings.  Rifles of all kinds make up a very small percentage (less than 3%) of firearm related deaths.  So-called assault weapons make up even less.  More people are stabbed to death every year than are murdered with rifles.

We are in a real fight this year.  We need to get active in House and Senate General Assembly campaigns now. 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Limited Edition Bumpsticker from VSSA

VSSA now has a limited edition bumpersticker that you can put on your car or truck.

As gun owners are being attacked like never before, show why you own firearms.  You can get one for $3.00 or four for $10.00 cost includes postage and handling.  Simply send a check payable to VSSA and mail to Virginia Shooting Sports Association, ATTN: VSSA Bumpersticker, PO Box 1258, Orange, VA 22960.  Get them while they last.

Crime Commission Will Accept Public Comment August 20.

VSSA has been informed that there will be a public comment portion as part of it's review that was referred to the Crime Commission during the Special Session.

Crime Commission members have devoted a portion of the Tuesday, August 20th meeting to allow designated representatives of organizations and interest groups to provide public comment. VSSA has signed up to speak.

Public comment will begin at approximately 1:30 p.m.

The meeting will begin at Noon in the House Committee Room of the Pocahontas Building. The building opens to the public at 9:00 a.m. and the meeting room opens at 11:00 a.m.

Each organization or interest group will have 4 minutes to provide public comment on behalf of the organization or interest group. Members of VSSA may stand and be recognized at the conclusion of VSSA's comments.

Following public comment by organizations and interest groups, there will be a separate portion of the August 20th meeting devoted to hearing comments from members of the general public. The sign up procedures for members of the general public will be announced separately.  VSSA will pass those along when we have them. 

Please plan to attend the meeting if possible.  We need as many gun owners as possible to pack the room.  You can bet the other side will do the same.

Meeting room rules:

Possession or use of any device that may disrupt the conduct of business is prohibited, including but not limited to: voice-amplification equipment; bullhorns; blow horns; sirens, or other noise-producing devices; as well as signs on sticks, poles or stakes; or helium-filled balloons. 

Campaign signs, banners, posters and other materials advocating the election or defeat of any candidate for public office may NOT be displayed at any time in any public space in the Capitol or Pocahontas Building. In addition, signs may not be displayed in a manner that blocks the view of others, encroaches on aisles, or impedes the safe movement of visitors. The Capitol Police have final authority in any issue related to public safety in the Capitol complex. 

Unruly behavior, such as booing, yelling, or harassing remarks, is prohibited. The Chair of the Crime Commission has the authority to remove individuals from the room or to clear the room.

The capacity of the meeting room is 180. You are not guaranteed re-entry into the meeting room if you exit the room at any time for any reason.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Not Unexpectedly, GOP Begins to Cave on Gun Control

It never fails!  Unlike their Democratic counterparts, when the pressure gets tough, you can count on the GOP to begin to cave.  Democrats just double down.  Republicans cave and run like scared rats.    It started yesterday with Governor DeWine in Ohio, who announced a package that included a so-called "Red Flag" law and so-called "universal" background check.  Then you had various members of Congress, including South Dakota Senator John Thune coming out for a red flag law and possibly other gun control, Dayton U.S. Representative Mike Turner who not only came out for a red flag law but also a ban on modern sporting rifles.  Then of course you have PA. Senator Pat Toomey trotting out his "universal" background check bill again. 

If the Republicans think they can hold the Senate and President Trump thinks he will be re-elected by caving on gun control, they should think again.

Virginian's should contact their member of Congress and both Senator's Kaine and Warner.  Yes, I know Kaine and Warner aren't going to listen but they do keep count of how many calls on an issue they receive and they need to hear from us.

Gun Blog "No Lawyers Only Guns and Money" Removed by Blogger.

This is what I found when I tried to access it this morning:

According to a twitter post from blog owner John Richardson, he has not been able to determine why this action was taken.  I regularly follow the blog and I have not seen any posts that appear violate Blogger's policies.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Mark Levin Addressing the Weekend Shootings: We Have a Broken Culture

On his nationally syndicated talk show Monday Night, Mark Levin addressed the shootings of the past weekend.  He said it's not a gun problem, it's a broken culture, we no longer have virtue as part of the public square.  It is worth the time to listen.

President Trump Reiterates Support for "Red Flag" Laws

Yesterday, in his remarks on the two shootings that took place in less than 24 hours on Saturday, President Trump again came out in support of so-called "Red Flag" laws.  South Carolina U.S. Senator, Lindsey Graham later announced that he had "bi-partisan" agreement on legislation that would create a federal program to assist states in crafting such laws.  But as former NRATV host and now editor Cam Edwards noted, the red flag laws we have seen so far are just a way to take guns without due process:
Cam delved into this on his new Cam and Co. program:

No one wants an individual who is in crisis to have access to a firearm but laws that do not respect due process are riddled with opportunities for abuse.  According to Independence Institute Director of Research Dave Kopel, Vermont's law is a good model if we are going to have a law that protects public safety while respecting constitutional rights.

The gun ban lobby is already giddy that there is a "window for bipartisan action" on this piece of the gun ban agenda.  You can expect Virginia Democrats in the General Assembly to be pushing this even harder in their campaigns this fall and using President Trump's support to challenge pro-rights candidates who want constitutional protections in any such laws.  Be armed with the facts about these laws.  A good primer is Kopel's video above.  More in-depth information can be found here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Crime Commission Announces Dates for Hearings on Northam Gun Control

On July 9th, the General Assembly directed the Virginia State Crime Commission to review legislation related to gun control and public safety that was introduced for he Special Session and related legislation introduced by July 18th.  The Crime Commission will be holding hearings on August 19th and 20th to evaluate those bills.  The hearing will be held in House Committee Room, Pocahontas Building, 900 East Main Street, Richmond, VA.

Update:  Please submit comments to the Virginia State Crime Commission opposing all of Gov. Northam’s gun control proposals. Written comments can be submitted electronically to, or mailed to the address below.
Attn:  Written Comments
Virginia State Crime Commission
1111 East Broad Street, Ste. B036
Richmond, Virginia 23219