Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Roanoke Firearm Ban on City Property Causes Postponement of Roanoke Valley Gun Show

The Roanoke Gun Show scheduled for August 21 - 22, 2021 at the Berglund Center has been postponed. The next Roanoke Valley Gun Show is scheduled for October 23 - 24, 2021, venue TBD. In March, Roanoke banned firearms from city-owned parks, libraries and offices as well as from municipal recreation centers and events in public spaces.   At the time, the City Attorney said that gun shows would eventually be prohibited at the city-owned Berglund Center
Showmasters, the show promoter, is looking for a building around the Roanoke area 45,000 - 100,000 sq. ft. with 20 acres or 1,600 parking spaces. If you know of one please contact Showmasters at info@showmastersgunshows.com.  They will pay a finder's fee of $1,000 if they end up using the facility suggested.

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