Tuesday, September 1, 2020

This Fredericksburg 911 Call Illustrates the Importance of Voting in November

I was listening to the Polite Society Podcast today (episode 555).  Part of the discussion (about 25 minutes in) was about a 911 call on June 13 that has not gotten much attention in the mainstream media and only got some play on social media.  I know this is the first time I have heard it.  A young mother in Fredericksburg and her daughter got caught in the middle of a protest (I would call it a riot as peaceful protesters don't jump on cars) and their car was blocked.  She calls 911.  Listen to what happened.  Fredericksburg City Hall told police they were not allowed to interfere with protesters.  The young mom was told she had to call City Hall and complain.  If this doesn't illustrate the importance of voting in November, nothing does.  Don't think for a minute that if Joe Biden wins this type of thing will stop, it will only get worse.

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Tim said...

Talk to your family, neighbors and friends. Everyone knows what is at stake. Be your own personal get out the vote campaign. There are no excuses for not voting. Your family, your friends all need to be there at the polls!