Wednesday, April 8, 2020

March Gun Sales In Virginia Jump 75% Over March 2019.

The Times Dispatch reports that he Virginia Firearms Transaction Center recorded 80,228 transactions in March.  That's a 75% jump over March 2019 and the highest total for any month on record since state police began tracking the data in 1990, according to mandatory criminal background checks on Virginia gun buyers.
The March number surpasses the previous Virginia record of 75,120 transactions in December 2012, which experts said was fueled by fears of increased gun restrictions after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Connecticut.

The March record also adds to what has become Virginia’s longest sustained spike in monthly gun sales ever. It began with December’s 73,849 transactions and continued in January and February with 65,839 and 64,070 transactions, respectively.

State firearm dealers say the surging sales can be attributed to the virus scare, along with the lingering effects of increased gun control measures passed by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly.
With so many first time firearm purchasers, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has created the below resource that will help in making the purchase, and safely storing the firearm at home when not in use.
With indoor ranges still considered "non-essential" by Governor Northam, and most outdoor ranges are private gun clubs, it will be difficult for these new gun owners to receive training (VSSA is working to get the Governor to change his order on indoor ranges).  There are resources however that can be helpful.  Gun Talk Radio's Tom Gresham has the "First Person Defender" video series.  There is also Rob Pincus' Personal Defense Network web site which has numerous free training videos as well as videos behind their pay wall.  While not the same as live fire training, you will learn valuable information from such training videos.  Besides the info graphic above, NSSF has a number of resources for first time gun owners.  If you know someone that has purchased their first firearm and you have access to an outdoor range, offer to take them so they can learn to safely use their new firearm.


Tim said...

Both the ranges I belong to are private clubs and have been closed because of Gov Northam. One is a indoor/Outdoor NCRR in Chesapeake and the other is an outdoor Range ASC in Wakefield.

VSSA said...

Thanks for the information Tim. That must be a decision of the club leadership to close. Outdoor ranges were not included in Governor Northam's Executive Order, and thus are allowed to be open if they choose. Only indoor ranges were specifically considered "entertainment venues" and were forced to be closed. VSSA is opposing the designation as "entertainment venues" and in light of the DHS guidance that ranges are essential businesses, and the fact that some many new firearms have been sold in the last month, we have asked the Governor to reconsider his decision related to indoor ranges.