Monday, October 7, 2019

SCOTUS Denies Mootness Suggestion in NYRPA and New York City

The gun ban lobby and New York City have been frantically trying to get the U.S. Supreme Court to moot the NYRPA case against New York City's ban on transporting a firearm outside the home.  They went so far as to change the law (but not in a way to make it constitutional), and the state of New York even passed a law telling New York City they cannot have such an ordinance, then they went to the court and said the case against them is now moot because they changed the law.  SCOTUS this morning denied their request to dismiss the case and oral arguments will proceed on December 2nd. Both sides were told to prepare to discuss the mootness issue then.

VSSA joined the case in an amicus brief in support of our sister association earlier this year.  VSSA Life Member and Second Amendment scholar Steve Halbrook will be on Bearing Arms Cam and Company later today to discuss the decision by the court and the importance of this case.

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