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Thursday, May 28, 2015

NAGR Unleashes Dishonest Attack on Bill Janis

Voters in the 12th Senate District have received a dishonest campaign mailer from the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) that can only be described as trash.  The mailer claims that VSSA and NRA Endorsed candidate Bill Janis refuses to oppose several gun control measures.
That second gun ban proposal that Janis supposedly won't oppose is particularly laughable because Bill Janis voted for Virginia's full pre-emption law when it passed in the General Assembly in 2004 which makes such schemes in Virginia a non-starter.

When you click on the graphic of the mailer you will note that the three proposals Janis supposedly refuses to oppose are questions that were on a questionnaire the NAGR claims to have sent to Janis and that they claim he failed to answer.  In reality, a quick phone conversation with Janis revealed that he did not even receive the NAGR questionnaire until Tuesday, May 26 by certified mail.  The hit piece landed in mail boxes about the same time meaning NAGR never planned to wait for a response before dropping this trash in voters mail boxes.

This is not the first time that this so-called gun rights organizations has been dishonest with gun owners and voters.  In 2013, after the media decided not to show up at a press event where the group was rolling out attack ads against then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, they staged a photo for use in an email that made it look like the media showed up and asked questions.

The group has also been dishonest in other areas.  Last month, the leader of NAGR used his Colorado organization to attack pro-gun researcher Dave Kopel.

And those are just two instances where the group has attacked friends of gun owners.  Sebastian over at Shall Not Be Questioned has written about the group's amateur activity.   At the end of that post, Sebastian summed it up pretty well:
I continue to encourage gun owners to not have anything to do with Dudley Brown or NAGR. Don't give them money and don't give them support. 
My sentiments exactly.

Update:  Here is a photo of the envelop in which the questionnaire arrived.
And here is a photo of the letter clearing stating the that it was due on May 1 - 19 days before it was mailed.

Hat tip to Bearing Drift.


308Tom said...

So it always is when unable to argue or present fact, make up some fiction. Then try to say it over and over, and the uninquiring minds - having heard it often confuse the fiction for truth.

Additionally the more the argument is being lost, the louder the fiction is argued in an additional attempt to turn it into fact by sheer volume.

Keep on stuffing it back up their noses – true facts will eventually win out.

John Richardson said...

Dudley is a wannabe player who is nothing more than a parasite. Ask the gun owners in Colorado who are now stuck with 15 round mags instead of 30.

Unknown said...

Janis did walk on Constitutional Carry.
Janis did vote FOR gun free zones.
What else is Janis hiding from the we the people?