Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Legislative Update

Today is the last day for the House and Senate to consider legislation that originated in the respective houses of the General Assembly. There is good news related to the status of Governor Ralph Northam's attack on our firearm freedoms. All of the bills that the Governor championed have gone down to defeat. In fact, most of his agenda was defeated in just over a week after he announced it. There are a few bad bills still alive but it appears the bills that were assigned to House Courts of Justice Committee may have been sent to die without a hearing. Crossover (the day when the General Assembly may only consider legislation originating in the other house) is February 6. No committee meetings are being held today so if legislation is still in committee in the house of origin, it will die. The complete list of bills still alive are below:

HB 2504, Protective orders; possession of firearms; penalties., in House Courts of Justice committee
SB 1078, Protective orders; possession of firearms, penalty., in Senate Finance
SB 1163, Firearms; trigger activators designed to increase the rate of fire, prohibition, penalty., in Senate Finance
SB 1210, Paramilitary activities; penalty. Provides that a person is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity if such person assembles with another person with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm or explosive or incendiary device or any components or combination thereof. Such unlawful paramilitary activity is punishable as a Class 5 felony., in Senate Finance

HB 1656, School security officers; employment by private or religious schools; carrying a firearm in performance of duties, passed the House and now in Senate Courts of Justice
HB 2206, Sales tax exemption; gun safes. Establishes an exemption from retail sales tax for a gun safe with a selling price of $1,000 or less. In House Finance subcommittee #2
HB 2548, Restoration of firearms rights; report to State Police., Passed House, referred to Senate Courts of Justice
SB 1012, Carrying a concealed weapon; firefighters and emergency medical services providers. , passed the Senate and now in House Militia, Police and Public Safety committee
SB 1024,Carrying dangerous weapon to place of religious worship (allows carry in places of worship), passed the Senate, referred to Militia, Police and Public Safety
SB 1179, Concealed handgun permit; application for a resident permit by a member of U.S. Armed Forces., passed the Senate and now in House Militia, Police and Public Safety committee

Continue to monitor the VSSA Legislative Tracking Form and the VSSA Blog for updates.

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