Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New YouGov Poll Results Should Cause Concern for Gun Rights Community

A new YouGov poll reports 82 percent of Democrats support the banning of all semi-automatic weapons (gun related poll data starts on page 28).  As Allahpundit at HotAir.com notes, that's weapons, which includes pistols, not just rifles.  55 percent of all Americans support such a ban.  There was a 50/50 split on whether it is more important to protect an individual's right to own firearms or more important to protect people from "gun violence".

On Friday, NRATV.s Cam Edwards spoke with National Review Online editor Charles Cooke about the poll results.  During the interview, Cooke said he wanted to know how the questions were asked (you can check the poll results linked above and it appears they simply asked "Do you favor or oppose the following gun control measures", then listed various options).  Cooke pointed out that the results show 37 percent of Republicans favor a semi-auto ban then asks "Does that seem plausible?"  He told Edwards while he doesn't think it's time to panic, make no mistake, the results do not bode well for Second Amendment supporters.  You can see the complete interview about the poll below.

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