Friday, January 19, 2018

Legislative Update for January 19th.

It has been a good week for gun owners in the State Senate this week.  The bulk of Governor Northam's gun control legislation has been turned back.  In all, 24 bad bills have been defeated.  Only a handful of bills remain active in the upper chamber and the committee has completed it's work on firearm related bills.  The House of Delegates has yet to take up any firearm bills.

First the list of bad bills that have been defeated in the Senate:
Five good bills failed to make it out of committee:
The committee did report four good bills:
The only disappointing news of the week is that several bad bills were reported.  All three were referred to the Finance Committee which allows the VSSA Legislative team an additional opportunity to defeat the bill before they make it to the full Senate.
I had the opportunity to provide an update on NRATV's Cam and Company yesterday.
Please be sure to check this blog and the VSSA web site for updates.  If your action is required a special legislative alert will be sent by email.

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