Friday, October 6, 2017

Banning Bump Stocks are Just the First Step

The gun banners think they have finally found something that will get them a win - banning "bump stocks."  But as talk show host and NRA member Mark Levin pointed out last night on his program, that is just the first step.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi again began pushing so called "universal" background checks, even though the Las Vegas shooter passed numerous background checks. Nothing that the gun ban crowd is pushing would have stopped the shooter.  Apparently, the White House is ready to jump on board too and have a "conversation" on gun laws.  Levin opened his program with these comments:

Levin went on to talk about a New York Times op/ed by Bret Stephens titled "Repeal the Second Amendment."  Levin said such an attempt would not happen because you currently would not get two thirds of congress or the states to go along with it but it does show the thinking of the gun ban crowd.  Then he took apart Stephens argument.

Listen to both clips. There are great points on why we should not give in to the gun ban talking points.

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