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Friday, September 8, 2017

Eric Holder Redistricting Group Donates $500K to Northam Campaign

The Washington Post had this article yesterday about how the Obama-backed National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC), run by former Attorney General Eric Holder, recently donated $500,000 to the Ralph Northam campaign.  The group is hoping to end the stranglehold that Republicans have on a large number of congressional delegations and state legislatures by turning the redistricting process over to so-called "non-partisan" redistricting commissions.
“This first campaign investment marks the next stage of the NDRC’s work for fairer maps in Virginia and around the country,” Holder said. “Ralph Northam is the clear choice for fairer maps that better reflect the values of Virginia’s communities. Virginians deserve a political system that works for voters, not politicians.” 
Why should this matter to gun owners in Virginia?  The Governor elected in November will sign the redistricting plan after the 2020 Census.  You can bet that if Ralph Northam is elected, he will veto every redistricting map that does not give more seats to his anti-gun friends.  If you like Virginia's pro-gun legislature, this should be an extra incentive to get involved in this year's campaign.  You can do that by contacting one of the NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representitives below and find out how you can help.  VSSA is working to get the news to gun owners about campaign activities of the NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representatives.  If you don't want Virginia to become California or New Jersey, you have the ability to insure that doesn't happen.

NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative - Fredericksburg
Britton Ross · · (919) 902-1787

NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative - Tidewater
Sean Nottoli -

NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative - Central Virginia
Patrick DeStefano · · 864-680-0399

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