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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CBS News Posts Video of McAuliffe Saying 93 Million Americans are Killed Each Day by "Gun Violence" Before Media Gives Him Chance to Correct Himself.

From the CBS News Twitter feed earlier today.  That's a lot more than are killed each year in firearm related deaths much less a day.  McAuliffe made the comment then continued talking about the nonexistent "gun show loophole" and background checks before repeating the claim a second time.  CBS posted the video a little too quick and apparently removed the tweet and the video.  A member of the press gave McAuliffe a chance to correct himself.  The CBS video did not originally include the entire comment and media exchange.

Real Clear Politics has the video of the statement and the media query that allowed him to correct his comment.

Update:  A member of the Virginia General Assembly, Delegate Todd Gilbert, showed more class than Governor McAuliffe:
Del. C. Todd Gilbert, a Shenandoah County Republican and ardent gun rights advocate, said the gun debate can wait.

“While I would love to respond to what I know the governor means by that, I think we can resume debate on this topic when we know more about what happened and when victims are not still lying on operating tables,” Gilbert said in a text message.

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