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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Only 39 Voluntary Background Checks Run at 41 Gun Shows and Only One Buyer Denied Since July 1st

The Richmond Times Dispatch has the story here

Since the new law took effect July 1st placing state police at every gun show to run voluntary background checks on private sales of firearms, a total of 39 background checks have been run at 41 gun shows. That's an average of a little less than one check per 2 day gun show (the exception being the Chantilly gun show which usually opens on Friday evening).  But it gets better - only one prospective buyer has been stopped, a 21 year-old who agreed to undergo the background check when the seller requested he do so.  The buyer had an outstanding felony warrant and he was immediately arrested.

So, given the amont of money taxpayers are paying for the state police to staff the shows, is this really a good use of taxpayer money?

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