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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Afraid Suppressors Will Defeat Shot Spotter Technology

The gun ban crowd will stop at nothing to make sure the Hearing Protection Act does not make it through Congress and lands on President Trump's desk.  First it was to portray suppressors as they are in movies - as tools of assassins and mobsters.  Now, a Chicago Sun-Times editorial fears they will make newly acquired technology by the Chicago Police Department useless:
Just as Chicago is moving ahead with new technology that could help reduce gunfire deaths, Congress and the Illinois Senate are considering misguided bills that could shoot Chicago’s effort to pieces by making gun silencers easily available.

Chicago’s new technology, called ShotSpotter, alerts police as soon as bullets start flying, instead of making them wait for a phone call. Officers can respond more quickly — sometimes within seconds. By arriving faster, detectives are more likely to find witnesses, and crime scene personnel have a better chance of scooping up evidence, such as shell casings. Victims can get medical care faster. Recently, Chicago’s Public Building Commission voted to spend $938,500 to expand ShotSpotter in the Englewood and Harrison police districts, which are home to most of the city’s gun violence.
And of course the editorial writers go straight to the gun ban lobby for their talking points:
...The Violence Policy Center in Washington says silencers “could help enable mass shooters and other murderers to kill a greater number of victims more efficiently.” A proliferation of silencers would mean more dead innocent people.
We have a window of two years to get real reform on firearm related issues before the next congressional elections. The Hearing Protection Act should be at the top of  the agenda.

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