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Thursday, October 6, 2016

NRA Releases Candidate Grades for Virginia

You can see the list here.  No real surprises in House races.  The incumbent GOP House members earned endorsements, as did 5th District Candidate, State Senator Tom Garret, who is running for an open seat.  Their Democrat challengers don't receive any grades higher than a "D."  The GOP challengers running in the 3rd, and 8th Districts as well as in the open 4th District received "AQ" ratings but no endorsement.  All three of those districts are gerrymandered to make it almost impossible for anyone other than a Democrat to win.  There is no U.S. Senate race in Virginia this year.  Get out and do what you can for the candidate in your district.  If you live in the Richmond or Roanoke area, you can contact the NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representatives to find out how you can help:

Patrick DeStefano, Roanoke, VA, 864-680-0399,

Joe Vrecheck, Richmond, VA, (817) 729-8365,

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