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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Roanoke Considering Ban on Certain Types of Firearms in Public

WSLS has the story here:
The idea is to prohibit loaded weapons, including semi-automatic guns that hold 20 rounds or more. Currently a handful of Virginia localities have the ban including Alexandria, Chesapeake, Fairfax, Richmond and several counties in Northern Virginia. Soon Roanoke could join that list.
Update: The Council made no decision and one member had strong objections to the proposal:
The council made no decision on including the idea. A majority seemed to favor it, but with strong objections from Councilman Ray Ferris, who argued it will never pass and will only stir up debate on the issue and divide the city.

The idea was sparked by a local gun control group called the Blue Ridge Coalition Against Gun Violence, apparently in response to “open carry” demonstrations near the Berglund Center in recent months.


Dave said...

So no 20 round mags in a Sig P226? What about using the a PMag 21 GL9 mag as a spare?

VSSA said...

Based on the story, that would be correct. It's not likely to pass if it reaches the Assembly anyway. VSSA will be all over it if the city decides to add it to their legislative package.