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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ultimate Training Munitions Available to the Public

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) was founded in 2000 with a mission to provide a safe training ammunition that would allow military, law enforcement and professional training organizations to ‘train as they fight’ in immersive and authentic training environments and disciplines.  Through a partnership with NRA, UTM is now offering "the safest and most accurate training ammunition on the market" as an alternative to traditional live-fire ammunition. This technology has previously been available only to Military and Law Enforcement trainers but now it is available to the general public.

This past weekend at the Bristol Motor Speedway, site the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race, NRANews host Cam Edwards had the opportunity to speak with Tony Lambraia of UTM. For attendees of the race, UTM converted firearms with training kits to shoot non-lethal munitions. People shot Glocks and AR-15 rifles with interactive targets in a safe and comfortable environment. UTM training has been adopted by NRA training programs as a safe and reliable alternative to live ammunition. Lambraia explained how it works.

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