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Friday, June 17, 2016

Senate Schedule's Vote on Gun Control Amendments for Monday

The Hill reports in a story about President Obama's visit to Orlando that the U.S. Senate has scheduled votes on several gun control amendments for this Monday.  That gives you time to contact Senator's Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and tell them to vote no on new gun control.  Just because both are predisposed to support new restrictions doesn't mean we should not call them.  They need to hear from every gun owner so they know there are more people opposed to their actions than support them.

You can reach them at the numbers below:
Tim Kaine at 202-224-4024 and Mark Warner at 202-224-2023

These measures are wide-ranging and include an attempt to reinstate the failed federal ban on semi-automatic firearms, commonly referred to as the “assault weapons ban.”  There will also be an attempt to take away the rights of individuals to purchase firearms if their name appears on the so-called "Terror Watchlist." This "list" has become political fodder for the gun ban lobby because less informed individuals won't take the time to learn that it is a list no one knows how their name ends up being added and unless you are famous like the late U.S. Senator Teddy Kennedy or Representative John Lewis, both of which landed on the list, likely will take years to get your name off.

Be sure to call today and tell all of your gun owning friends to do the same.
Update: Politico reports that (in the House of Representatives at least) Democrats are only pushing the so-called "Terror Watchlist" and "expanded" background checks because it is easier to explain and supposedly have wide support.

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