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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reason: Hillary Clinton Picks a Doomed Fight With Americans Over Guns had this piece yesterday about Hillary Clinton's campaign against guns and gun owners.  What caught my eye was the premise of the article is that while Clinton may win and impose new restrictions, it doesn't mean Americans will abide by her new restrictions:
Clinton favors requiring "universal background checks" that would cover private sales between friends and neighbors that inherently take place out of public view. But when Colorado adopted such a requirement, the results were underwhelming, with the Associated Press finding 13,600 actual checks performed in 2013 after 210,00 had been predicted by a legislative impact assessment.

"The numbers are pretty clear here," Sen. Greg Brophy (R-Wray) commented in 2014. "There's no increase in private transfers for background checks, which means either there aren't very many private sales, or what is much more likely people are just ignoring this law."
That is a similar theme that gun ban advocate Adam Winkler took in the LA Times in April when he wrote why Gavin Newsome's plan to ban all standard capacity magazines, even those already owned by Californians, is a bad idea.  Winkler wrote that it is bad policy to pass laws which citizens will comply.

Reason's article is the second in as many weeks (Frank Miniter had one in Forbes last week) that suggests Hillary is making a mistake pushing gun control.  It likely won't make a difference to her base.  It remains to be seen if gun owners will unite behind her opponent to stop her from being elected.

Update: On Wednesday, the author of the Reason article, J.D. Tuccille appeared on's Cam and Company and discussed the article with host Cam Edwards.  Tuccille reinforced what he wrote, that Hillary Clinton’s plans for buybacks, background checks on private transfers, a revival of the 1994 “assault weapons” ban and repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act are doomed. He told Edwards that such actions would require majority support in Congress, which is unlikely. State gun control laws of this nature have been met with low compliance, and are being fought in the courts. Use of executive actions may attempt to bypass Congress, but it won’t bypass the people it is intended to affect – law-abiding gun owners.

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sgharrod said...

The Clintons have had it in for gun owners ever since the congressional elections of 1994, when gun owners played a big part in wresting control of congress away from them and thereby derailing their ruinous leftist agenda. Both the Clintons are venal, mean and vindictive people; they never forgive and they NEVER forget.