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Saturday, May 21, 2016

NRA Endorses Trump

Well if you watch the news you have probably heard that likely GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump picked up the endorsement of NRA yesterday.  You'll note that a couple of those linked sources also made sure to mention things like "but do their members" and "despite history of gun control support."  While it is usually later in the process before NRA officially endorsement, only one of two people is going to be elected President, the Democratic nominee or the Republican nominee.  Sorry to disappoint any Libertarians or other "third party" folks, but nominees from those parties are not going to get elected.  So, given a choice between the likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton or the likely Republican nominee Donald Trump, is there really any other choice?

If you haven't seen Trump's speech at the 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum already, it is posted below.

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